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Delta plane makes emergency landing after passenger assaults flight attendant and air marshal, dice la polizia

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A Delta flight from Washington, DC, to Los Angeles required an emergency landing in Oklahoma City on Thursday night after a passenger allegedly assaulted two people, hanno detto le autorità. "The passenger assaulted a f...

Macron’s ex-bodyguard handed jail sentence over May Day assaults

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A former security adviser to French President Emmanuel Macron was sentenced on Friday to three years in jail, two of them suspended, over charges including roughing up May Day protesters in 2018, media reported. Il...

Loudoun County School Board member: Important we have investigation into alleged sex assaults

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MAJORITY OF VIRGINIA PARENTS WANT A SAY IN THEIR KIDS' EDUCATION, FOX NEWS POLL FINDS JOHN BEATTY: "What happened is so awful and I feel so bad for the parents of both families that are victims to this, and it’s incr...

Law enforcement blame ‘defund the police,’ liberal prosecutors for dramatic spike in assaults on police

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New FBI statistics show that 60,105 law enforcement officers were assaulted on the job in 2020, con 30.9% of them – 18,568 – suffering injuries as a result. The total number of officers assaulted jumped by 4,071 da ...

C'era un 7.2% jump in assaults on law enforcement officers in 2020, L'FBI dice

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Più di 60,000 law enforcement officers were assaulted in the line of duty last year, su 7.2% a partire dal 2019, according to a report released Monday by the FBI. In giro 30% of the officers sustained injuries, the FBI sai...

Loudoun County parents demand superintendent resign over alleged sexual assaults in schools

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Parents attended the school board meeting with signs urging Ziegler to resign. "This is not China, this is the United States of America, and we will not be silenced," one irate mother said. "Remove the superintendent...

L'uomo della Florida avrebbe aggredito uno studente fuori dal liceo per il mandato della maschera

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Dan Bauman, 50, e sua figlia, Isabella, stava tentando di entrare nella Fort Lauderdale High School senza maschere quando ha avuto un alterco con un altro studente mentre stava registrando video con il suo cellulare, FOX7...

NYPD officer hit over head with glass bottle, suspect has two arrests over alleged cop assaults

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An NYPD officer was on a Brooklyn street corner around 4:50 a.m. per "address community concerns" when they encountered Tyshaun Holloway, a Hackensack, N.J., residente, ha detto la polizia. According to police body-camera foo...

Suo. John Cornyn: Dems’ presa del potere elettorale: ecco come i repubblicani combattono gli assalti partigiani al voto

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The election overhaul legislation Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., tried to ram through the Senate perverts the cause of voter access to hand one party unassailable political power. It alters the makeup of the ...

Dominican Republic baseball player assaults umpire with bat, gets arrested: rapporto

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MLB reporter Héctor Gómez reported that Elvis Lebron went after the umpire during a tournament game on Sunday. Lebron apparently disagreed with the umpire over balls and strikes, and that’s what led to the malicious...

Ex-English National Ballet dancer found guilty of sexual assaults

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UN "dangerous and predatory" former English National Ballet principal dancer has been found guilty of sexually assaulting his teenage students. Yat-Sen Chang, 49, was on Tuesday convicted at London's Isleworth Crown ...

Altre aggressioni a donne asiatiche americane segnalate a San Francisco, Baltimora e New York

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Le donne asiatiche americane continuano a essere attaccate nelle città degli Stati Uniti. Sono stati segnalati attacchi orribili a San Francisco, Baltimora e New York City nell'ultima settimana. Un uomo è stato arrestato martedì dopo le due A ...

There were two more assaults on Asian Americans in New York and the NYPD hate crimes unit is investigating

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The New York Police Department Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating two attacks on Asian Americans that occurred over the weekend, an NYPD spokesperson told CNN on Monday. A woman in her 50's and a teen were assa...

La polizia di San Francisco aumenta le pattuglie a seguito di nuovi assalti contro gli asiatici americani

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Il dipartimento di polizia di San Francisco sta aumentando le pattuglie nei quartieri prevalentemente asiatici a seguito di un "picco allarmante di sfacciata violenza anti-asiatica nelle ultime settimane" nella Bay Area, ha detto il dipartimento. Mercoledì.