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LA DA Gascon claims many assistant DA’s support him, were ‘bulliedinto supporting the recall

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Gascón made the comments during an interview with FOX 11 Die Engele, two days after the recall attempt failed because organizers were unable to collect enough valid signatures for the proposal to be put on a ballot....

COVID vaccines ‘provide very little protectionagainst infection: Former HHS assistant secretary for health

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PRESIDENT BIDEN TESTS POSITIVE FOR COVID-19 ADM. GIROIR: [Dr. Anthony Fauci] and I are on the same page here, in that with the new variants, the vaccines unfortunately provide very little protection against getting i...

Before January 6, Trump received ‘absolutely insanelegal advice: Ex-deputy assistant attorney general

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TOM DUPREE: Ja. It's really interesting just seeing this whole timeline playing out. And today, natuurlik, we heard a lot about that meeting at the White House that seemed to have gotten a little bit out of hand, t ...

NY attorney general isn’t satisfied with Trump’s bid to stay out of contempt after deposing longtime assistant

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The New York attorney general's office says it is not satisfied that former President Donald Trump has met the conditions to lift his civil contempt and is asking for additional sworn statements from several units w...

DaVonte’ Neal, former Arizona DB turned assistant coach, arrested for first-degree murder

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Op Mei 25, police located Neal at his apartment in the 100 block of South Union Pacific Avenue in Pocatello, Indiana. They pulled over the assistant coach after he departed the complex, as reported by the Idaho State...

Lakers hire Bucks assistant Darvin Ham to be next head coach, LeBron James approves: Verslag

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ESPN NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski reported Friday night that Milwaukee Bucks assistant coach Darvin Ham had agreed to a four-year deal to become the next head coach of the Lakers. The hire comes after the Lakers a...

Texas school shooting suspect was ‘flashing red’: Former FBI assistant director

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CHRIS SWECKER: Like every mass shooter, especially the young ones, this one was flashing red, dit wil voorkom, which is no surprise… They seem to always communicate threats. They seem to articulate what they're thinking, ...

Skoolskietery in Texas: Former FBI deputy assistant director calls for armed police officers in schools

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DANNY COULSON: I guess you had on the SWAT team commander from Oklahoma, ek dink. He talked about what they do. Something much better than that is to have armed police officers inside the school protecting our kids. ...

New York attorney general subpoenas Trump’s longtime assistant for testimony

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The New York attorney general's office has subpoenaed former President Donald Trump's longtime executive assistant for testimony as part of its civil investigation into the Trump Organization's finances. Lawyers fo...

Duke’s Jon Scheyer promotes Amile Jefferson to assistant coach

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The school announced the hiring Tuesday. Jefferson, wie draai 29 next month, was director of player development in Hall of Famer Mike Krzyzewski’s final season. He returned to Duke in July after a four-year professio...

Skiet wat gedood het 2, [object Window], [object Window], sê die polisie

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[object Window] 19 [object Window], Virginia, [object Window], [object Window], [object Window], [object Window]. William D.. [object Window].

Virginian-Pilot reporter and former CNN news assistant Sierra Jenkins killed in shooting

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Virginian-Pilot newspaper reporter and former CNN news assistant Sierra Jenkins was among the individuals shot and killed in an early Saturday morning shooting that left one more person dead and three others injured...

A Mississippi assistant principal was terminated after reading the children’s book ‘I Need A New Butt!’ to second graders

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A Mississippi assistant principal was fired after reading the children's book "I Need a New Butt!" to a class of second graders, an act the school division says violated their code of ethics. Toby Price, the now fo...

Michigan hires Big Ten’s 1st female football grad assistant

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The school said she's also the first female GA in a Power Five football program. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Michigan announced her hire on Tuesday. The former college basketball player, who started fo...

Cavaliers promote Mike Gansey from assistant to GM

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Gansey has been with the Cavs since 2011. He will have an increased role in draft preparations while working with Koby Altman, who was recently promoted from GM to president of basketball operations. KLIK HIER VIR M ...

Michigan coach Juwan Howard appears to throw punch at Wisconsin assistant, brawl breaks out between players

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KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Michigan's Kobe Bufkin (2) battles between Wisconsin's Chucky Hepburn (23) and Chris Vogt, reg, during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game Sunday, Feb.. ...

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