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DeSantis’ office scolds LA Times editorial board over piece ‘rife with erroneous assumptions’ about new law

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La legge, which calls for "intellectual freedom and viewpoint diversity" at state colleges, says schools in the Florida College System must conduct an annual survey of "the extent to which competing ideas and perspect...

Horace Cooper calls out anti-racism speakers for making ‘racistassumptions

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HORACE COOPER: Bene, there's no doubt that we're living in a culture where when you highlight issues of race, people think they're going to have to stand up and salute smartly. Here's my problem ... this isn't anti-r...

Vivek Ramaswamy: Biden’s Afghanistan catastrophe – here are the 3 flawed assumptions that led to debacle

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The first flawed assumption relates to speed: the Biden administration wrongly assumed there was no way the Taliban could seize power as quickly as it did. The second flawed assumption relates to strength of allegia...