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Mayor Bowser claims illegal immigrants crowding DC homeless shelters are asylum seekers ‘trickedonto buses

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Host Margaret Brennen brought up a Washington Post report that suggested homeless shelters are now being filled with illegal immigrants being bused in from Texas and Arizona. Bowser admitted that it’s a "significativo ...

Migrant in potentially the largest caravan ever demands Biden keep asylum promise

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"He promised the Haitian community he will help them," the migrants, who were interviewed by Fox News Friday, dicho. "He will recall Title 42. He will help us have real asylum." The migrant is taking part in a caravan...

Republican push to block Biden admin’s asylum rule fails in Senate

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The joint resolution of disapproval, introduced under the Congressional Review Act, sought to remove a rule by the Biden administration that cuts asylum processing time from years to months by allowing U.S. Citizensh...

Texas attorney general files preliminary injunction to block new DHS asylum rule

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The new Biden administration policy, if implemented, would give asylum officers the ability to release asylum seekers into the United States if it is determined that detaining them during immigration proceedings woul...

Rwanda expects first 50 asylum seekers transferred from UK by end of May

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Kigali, Rwanda Rwanda expects the first group of 50 asylum seekers to be transferred from Britain by the end of May, a government spokesperson has said . In April the British government announced plans to send people...

Arizona AG suing Biden admin rips new asylum policy: It’s ‘breathtaking

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REPUBLICAN STATES SUE BIDEN ADMIN OVER ASYLUM RULE, AS LEGAL CHALLENGES TO BORDER POLICIES MOUNT MARK BRNOVICH: In a nutshell, this is contrary to the law. So this is another attempt by the Biden administration to no...

Ingraham: Most migrants are gaming our asylum laws

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LAURA INGRAHAM: Translation: You should be far more afraid of your fellow Americans than the millions of illegal aliens being bused and flown all over the country in the middle of the night. Entiendo? Por supuesto, we all...

Ending COVID asylum signals how unserious Biden is about stemming migrant flow at border: Hume

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BRIT HUME: It certainly is in the numbers as you point out are truly impressive. They're massive. And in these COVID-19 restrictions that were being used by the administration at the border to at least stem part of t...

Biden administration to allow immigration officers, not just judges, to decide asylum cases

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La regla, from the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security, will allow U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officers to evaluate the asylum applications of people who would be eligible ...

Biden administration finalizes new rule reshaping US asylum system

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The Biden administration will soon release a federal regulation that overhauls the US asylum system to settle claims at a faster pace and help alleviate the immigration court backlog. The new rule gives asylum offi...

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Eight years. Three Presidents. And still no resolution on an asylum claim.

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On a summer night in Honduras in 2014, Maribel made a choice: She had to leave her home, with her four young children in tow, or risk being killed. With an eye toward the United States, she began the dangerous journ...

Docuserie de Playboy Hugh Hefner arroja luz sobre el libertinaje

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Docuserie de Playboy Hugh Hefner arroja luz sobre el libertinaje 1 millones de expulsiones de migrantes detenidos en la frontera entre Estados Unidos y México. El h...

A dramatic increase in number of migrants seeking asylum in Arizona overwhelms Border Patrol

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Yuma, Arizona Under the shadow of the border wall, dozens of migrants raced to get in line as they spotted the glimmer of vehicle lights down the road. US Border Patrol agents were on the way. For hours, migrantes, pr ...

El fiscal general Merrick Garland 'permite que los presos dirijan el asilo’ dice Chris Christie

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Christie dijo que el Departamento de Justicia de Biden parece haber roto su promesa de "Nunca, alguna vez uso [la Ley Patriota] de una manera inapropiada o inapropiada." CASA BLANCA EN CONTACTO CON GRUPO DE JUNTA ESCOLAR POR 'SEMANAS' ...

Los legisladores republicanos advierten "inconstitucional’ La regla de asilo de Biden impulsará el aumento de migrantes en la frontera

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"La regla propuesta representa una flagrante violación de las leyes aprobadas por el Congreso.," 68 republicanos del Congreso liderados por Sens. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., Mike Lee, R-Utah y Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., decir en un comentario público ...

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