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Israel launches airstrikes on Hamas after balloon attack, IDF Says

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Israel launches airstrikes on Hamas after balloon attack, IDF SaysIsrael’s Defense Forces launched a counterattack into Gaza after a balloon attack sent incendiary devices floating into southern Israel. The counterst...

Kilmeade: Links se aanval op Amerikaanse geskiedenis wat buitelandse vyande 'ammunisie' gee

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BRIAN KILMEADE: Dit was nie maklik om te kyk hoe Amerikaners dag in en dag uit kritiseer nie. Die radikale linkses, in baie gevalle, het 'n velddag gehad wat ons verlede bespot het, bespot ons geskenk, en skynbaar vasberade ...

Media ignores Biden’s attack against GOP while abroad after shredding Trump for violating political norm

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Biden blasted Trump's "phony populism" in response to a reporter's question about what Biden has said to allies who may be wary of trusting the U.S. in a post-Trump era. BIDEN SLAMS REPUBLICANS WHILE ON FOREIGN SOIL ...

Ten minste 10 killed in attack on Afghanistan mine-clearing workers

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Kabul, AfghanistanAt least 10 people working to clear mines in northern Afghanistan were killed by gunmen in an attack on Tuesday, according to international demining organization Halo Trust. Halo did not attribute b...

Biden asking for ‘9/11 style attack’ by not responding ‘forcefully’ to Russian cyberattacks: Kirk Lippold

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LIPPOLD: When Biden’s Secretary of Commerce [Gina Raimondo] makes the statement to American businesses these [cyber] attacks are here to stay, and if anything will intensify, with no plan to do anything. You have to ...

Colonial Pipeline CEO on Capitol Hill after ransomware attack crippled East Coast fuel pipeline

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Colonial Pipeline CEO Joseph Blount will testify on Capitol Hill Tuesday, a month after the company was hit with a debilitating ransomware attack that led to a halt in operations at one of America's most important f...

Die polisie in China hou verdagte aan in mesaanval wat die slag doodgemaak het 6 en beseer 14

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BeijingPolice het 'n verdagte betrap in 'n mesaanval wat ses mense dood en beseer het 14 Saterdag in die oostelike Chinese stad Anqing, het plaaslike owerhede Sondag gesê. Die verdagte in die aanval, watter...

Chick fil A sauce sparks attack at Kansas grocery store: verslag doen

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Authorities arrested a man in Kansas after he allegedly attacked a grocery store worker. Volgens berigte, the suspect was upset over a disagreement regarding Chick-fil-A sauce. James Adam Hirsh allegedl...

Militants kill more than 130 civilians in Burkina Faso village attack

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Ten minste 132 civilians were killed in the worst militant attack in Burkina Faso in recent years, the government said on Saturday, after armed assailants laid siege overnight to a village in the jihadist-plagued north...

Andy Ngo slams Antifa, claims they ‘tried to kill me’ in Portland attack

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He also spoke about his ordeal during an appearance Wednesday night on Fox News' "The Ingraham Angle." Ngo claimed he wore a mask in Portland last Friday and tried to infiltrate Antifa to learn more about the group –...

JBS ransomware attack part of Russia’s ‘massive cyber warfare campaignto undermine US: General Keane

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The latest ransomware assault this week shut down the U.S.-based meat plants of the world’s largest meatpacker, Brazil-based JBS, and the White House said a criminal group likely based in Russia is thought to be resp...

Dems beywer hulle vir 'n huiskieskomitee nadat Republikeine van die Senaat die tweeledige ondersoek in Januarie ontspoor 6 aanval

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Huisdemokrate oorweeg dit aktief om in Januarie 'n eie ondersoek in te stel 6 Amerikaanse Capitol-aanval, wat aandui dat hulle nie van plan is om die kwessie te laat verdwyn in die nadraai van die Republikeine van die Senaat wat die krisis ontspoor nie..

Newt Gingrich: The woke left and media allies are on the attack but Americans of all races remain patriotic

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The greatest dangers facing the Democrats in 2022 en 2024 are their radical wing’s constant outbursts of public anti-Americanism and their "woke" efforts to coerce Americans into accepting ideas they don’t believe –...

Georgia Little Caesars attack suspect arrested on assault, kidnapping charges

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Brittany Kennedy, 25, was located on the 300 block of Calvary Drive and taken into custody by the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office and U.S. Marshals, the sheriff’s office said in a press release. SOUTH CAROLINA MURD...

New Jersey officials: ‘Targeted attack,’ multiple firearms recovered, 1 gearresteer

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Cumberland County prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McRae announced during a press conference Monday that Kevin K. Dawkins, 36, had been arrested and charged with several counts related to weapons use and possession. The pros...

New York police officer OK after ‘unprovokedstabbing attack in Dobbs Ferry, hoof sê

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Dobbs Ferry Police Chief Manuel Guevara told reporters the attack "appears to be an unprovoked assault" and that a suspect had been quickly taken into custody. It happened on Beacon Hill Drive, a quiet suburban stree...

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