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US Capitol rioter who downplayed the attack is sentenced to three months in jail

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A federal judge on Friday sentenced one of the US Capitol rioters to three months in jail, saying that the punishment should be a warning to other defendants that they deserve incarceration if they deflect responsib...

NYC woman shoves commuter into moving subway train at Times Square in brazen, on-camera attack

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The female suspect, whom police describe as a woman in her 30s wearing a multicolored scarf, black shirt and beige pants, is seen getting up from a bench inside the 42nd Street and Seventh Avenue station and suddenly...

California man gets life sentence for fatal synagogue attack

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An agreement with prosecutors that spared John T. Earnest the death penalty left little suspense about the outcome, but the hearing provided 13 victims and families a chance to address the killer and gave a sense of ...

ミリーは、米国の攻撃に先立って電話をかけると中国に言ったことを確認した, エスパーはインテルに基づいて電話を注文したと主張している

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ミリーは彼が持っていた主張に対処しました "秘密" 彼の中国の対応者との電話, 遺伝子. 人民解放軍の李Zuocheng, 10月中 2020 1月の国会議事堂暴動の数日後 2021, 株式会社でした。.

一流の警察組織が共和党センを後押し. 警察改革交渉が決裂した理由に対するティム・スコットの民主党への攻撃

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ワシントン2つの主要な警察組織 -- 全米警察友愛会と国際警察長官協会 -- 共和党のセンを争っている. 警察をめぐる交渉の仕方についてのティム・スコットの説明。.

Vulnerable House Democrats stick by Biden as GOP attack ads ramp up

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House Democrats in competitive races are putting little daylight between themselves and President Joe Biden, even as Republicans ratchet up their efforts to use the President as a cudgel against their Democratic opp...


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オランダの警察は、マルク・ルッテ首相の治安の詳細が彼が疑わしい行動をしたと疑った後、極右政党の元メンバーを逮捕し、釈放した。, パブリックPによると。.


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4月のコロンバイン虐殺25周年に、ペンシルベニア州の4人の生徒が高校への攻撃を企てた罪で起訴されました。 20, 2024, ラッカワナ地区弁護士の声明によると。.

Massachusetts woman stabbed medical worker outside hospital in ‘unprovoked’ 攻撃, 当局は言う

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容疑者, Victoria Disharoon, 28, was slated to be arraigned Thursday following the incident at Morton Hospital in Taunton, 約 40 miles south of Boston. 被害者, 44, was on a break from work around 1:15 午後.

New York suspect in fatal hatchet attack re-arrested after release by state’s ‘Less is Morelaw

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Joseph Rivera, 21, was back in the Monroe County Jail on a charge of second-degree murder in connection to the death of 47-year-old Heather Majors, who was stabbed 30 times with a hatchet in her Rochester apartment o...

フロリダの女性, 74, ペットの犬をワニの攻撃から救う: 報告する

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スーザン・マルチャーノ, 74, 8月にバートアーロンソンパークの湖の近くで犬のナルを歩いていた. 24 動物が水で遊ぶことができるように彼女がひもを外したとき. マルチャーノはすぐにペアとして湖の暗い影を見つけました。.

Germany averted possible attack on synagogue during Yom Kippur, minister says

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German officials on Thursday said a possible Islamist terror attack on a synagogue in the western city of Hagen was averted after authorities were tipped off. "We received a very specific and serious tipoff that a...


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ボストンマラソン爆破事件の生存者であるジャッキーウェッブは、娘を出産した後、なじみのある顔で迎えられました, 彼女, 先月 -- 後に彼女の世話をした看護師の一人 2013 攻撃. Webbは3週間を費やしました。.

This legislation is an attack on the free press in Poland

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Kasia Kieli is president and managing director for Discovery in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). この解説で表明された意見は彼女自身のものです. .左側のフローティング画像 { 幅:100%;...

John Byrnes: As a 9/11 first responder and Afghan vet, here are my hopes for the future 20 years after attack

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I had been back in the military only about a year. I was an adult student at Hunter College on the Upper East Side and had joined the National Guard after a break in service from active duty to help pay for tuition. ...

遺伝子. Jack Keane describes being inside the Pentagon on 9/11: ‘I knew it was a terrorist attack

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The retired four-star general and chairman of the Institute for the Study of War was working as the Army's vice chief of staff under President Bush at the time and was in a meeting when he heard news that two planes ...

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