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TSA reminds passengers to ‘remain calm and respectful’ after security officers attacked, bitten

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The biting incident occurred earlier this month in Denver and remains under investigation, the TSA said Thursday. In another occurrence, a passenger in Louisville, Ky., assaulted two TSA officers while attempting to ...

Florida seuntjie, 12, attacked by shark; second youth bitten in Volusia County this week: verslae

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The boy was the second youth his age to be attacked in Volusia County this week, the reports said. The boy bitten Friday was standing in waist-deep water at Bethune Beach when he was bitten on his left arm, JAKKALS 35 O ...

New publishing house combats conservative censorship: ‘Basic right of free speech’ is being attacked

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All Seasons Press co-founder and former Simon and Schuster employee Louise Burke told "Tucker Carlson Vanaand" on Thursday that the publisher was created to protect Americans’ First Amendment right. "We created All S...

Simone Biles’ broer aangeval deur moeder van 'n moordslagoffer in die hof in Ohio na 'n driedubbele vryspraak

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Nadat regter Joan Synenberg, regter in die gemeenskaplike hof in Cuyahoga County, uitspraak uitgereik het wat Tevin Biles-Thomas vrygespreek het, het 'n vrou in die galery in die Huntington-konferensiesentrum in Cleveland geskree, "Jy moet f ---- ...

Vrou in Florida aangeval deur 7 voet-alligator terwyl sy met haar hond gestap het

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Die 43-jarige vrou het met haar hond naby 'n meer in Palm Harbor gestap toe 'n krokodil haar aanval, WTVT, het die TV-stasie in Fox-besit in Tampa berig. 'N Oorlas-krokodilvanger in Pinellas County ...

Ilhan Omar claims Israeli forces ‘attackedPalestinians after police clash with demonstrators

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The firebrand "Groep" member tweeted that Palestinians were being assaulted at the Al-Aqsa Mosque during prayers by the Israeli police. "Palestinians are being attacked in their holy site during Friday prayers," Omar...

NYC Jewish residents attacked by pro-Palestinian protesters speak out on viral video: ‘They wanted blood

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Amit Skornik and Snir Dayan served together a few years ago in the Israeli Defense Forces but didn't expect to find themselves battling pro-Palestinian aggressors outside a well-known Upper East Side bagel shop on th...

NYC manhunt: Police search for suspects who attacked at least 4 people in 12-minute crime spree

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The terrifying string of attacks highlights what city transportation officials are calling a need for more uniformed police officers in the subway system, despite how Mayor de Blasio has pushed the idea that the prev...

Newly obtained bodycam footage shows moment DC police officer attacked by pro-Trump rioters

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Washington Newly obtained body camera footage shows the moment DC Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone was brutally assaulted while defending the US Capitol during the January 6 opstand. The exclusive foo...

Asian man in San Francisco attacked while pushing baby stroller with 1-year-old; suspect arrested, sê die polisie

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The 36-year-old man identified only as Bruce told KGO-TV that he was waiting to cross the street in the city's Mission Bay neighborhood in front of Gus's Community Market when he was punched and knocked to the ground...

New York City woman violently attacked in subway station, suspect takes bag with laptop, sê die polisie

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The attack occurred just before 6 nm. Sunday inside a Manhattan train station on 14th Street and First Avenue as the 23-year-old woman was leaving the L train line. As she was walking past a pair of MetroCard machin...

A Texas man mowing his lawn was killed after he was attacked by an aggressive swarm of bees

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A man in Texas died unexpectedly after being attacked by a swarm of bees in his yard. A 70-year-old man was mowing his lawn in Breckenridge when he was attacked by a swarm of Africanized honey bees, also known as k...

NYPD vra hulp vir die identifisering van verdagte wat die 61-jarige Asiatiese man aangeval het

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Owerhede in die stad New York vra hulp om 'n man te identifiseer wat verlede week 'n 61-jarige Asiatiese man aangeval het. Die slagoffer is Vrydag op 'n hoek van East Harlem van agter genader, in die rug geslaan en, afte ...

Albany police station attacked by anti-police rioters throwing bottles at officers

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The protesters appeared to have splintered off from anti-police demonstrations in Townsend Park, sparked by the fatal police shooting of Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old Black man, in Minnesota Sunday afternoon. The grou...

Iran ship said to be Red Sea troop base off Yemen attacked

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Iran's Foreign Ministry confirmed the attack on the MV Saviz, suspected to have been carried out by Israel — though Tehran did not immediately blamed its regional archenemy. The assault came as Iran and world powers ...

In die video kan die NYPD-beampte 'n verdagte in die kop slaan, nadat die departement gesê het dat hy beamptes in die metro aangeval het

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'N Polisiebeampte in New York het 'n verdagte herhaaldelik in die kop geslaan nadat die polisie gesê het die man het beamptes aangeval toe hulle hom van 'n moltreinstasie wou verwyder., volgens die video wat deur die vertrek uitgereik is..

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