鬼ごっこ: 攻撃された

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Elderly man attacked just steps from mayor’s mansion in wealthy NYC enclave

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The 81-year-old victim appeared to be standing on the sidewalk with a dog and talking to someone holding a baby stroller around 12:30 午前. 12月. 25, 2021, when the man approached him, according to video released by...

Florida woman attacked by bear in her own driveway while walking her dog

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The large animal injured the woman while she was taking her dogs out for a walk. 幸運なことに, the woman’s injuries were not considered to be life-threatening. Police officers and biologists with the Florida...


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先週、繁華街でバスを待っている最中に激しく襲われた女性が亡くなりました, ロサンゼルス市警によると (LAPD). 彼女は長年の看護師でした "たゆまずそして無私無欲に働いた" ...

フロリダの動物園でトラに襲われた男性が重傷を負った. 虎が撃たれて殺された

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ナポリの動物園で男性が動物に襲われた後、水曜日に保安官の代理人によって絶滅危惧種のトラが射殺されました。, フロリダ, 当局者は言った. その男, 20代の人, 重傷を負いました。.

DCの父, 犯罪歴のある男にレンガで襲われた赤ちゃん, 警官は言う

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ジェロームかみそり, 44, 日曜日の事件に関連して、武装している間に重大な身体的傷害を伴う暴行と子供への第一級の残虐行為で起訴されている. 当局は、男性が2人の若者と一緒に歩いていたと述べた。.

Chicago father violently attacked, killed while hanging Christmas lights outside home, 家族は言う

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その男, identified by FOX 32 as Jose Téllez, was hanging up Christmas lights outside his Gage Park home on West 58th Street around 6:30 午後. Saturday when he was beaten in the head by two men with "blunt objects," C.。.

NY Times slammed for claim that Republicans attacked left-wing Biden nominee because of birthplace, not views

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作品, focused on Omarova's decision to withdraw her own nomination, didn't mention a number of her controversial views, including a past suggestion that it would be a good thing for energy industries to go bankr...

Massachusetts man, 82, attacked in Boston by dirt bike, ATV riders, 警察は言う

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The attack happened last Thursday around 7:30 午後. The victim was driving his 1996 Buick Century when he was surrounded by 30 に 40 dirt bike and ATV riders. The rear window of the victim's car. (Ma ...


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ファンがどこからともなく出てきて彼を槍で撃ったとき、ロリンズはフィン・バラーとの試合の後に後ろに歩いていました. ファンは審判と警備員によってすぐに取り組まれ、アリーナから削除されました. より多くのスポーツのためにここにかちりと鳴らしなさい。.


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CNNのワンダーセオリーサイエンスニュースレターにサインアップする. 魅力的な発見に関するニュースで宇宙を探索, 科学的進歩など. オオスズメバチの群れがミツバチの巣箱を攻撃したとき, 虐殺i ...

Pittsburgh woman allegedly attacked off-duty police officer who had investigated her son: 当局

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The Pittsburgh Police detective, Michelle McHenry, told authorities she was off-duty and at a Brookline bar, Brook Line N Sinker, shortly before 11 午後. Saturday when Angela Hindman, 44, "ジャンプした" 彼女, and told her: "...

US sanctions commander of Iranian drone program that attacked shipping vessel

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Washington The Biden administration on Friday sanctioned a number of companies and individuals connected to Iran's military drone program as well as the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Aeros...

Bam Margera allegedly attacked a woman in a hotel while on cocaine according to a 911 コール

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A 911 call we obtained from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office reveals shocking new details about the Sept. 26 incident that resulted in the "ジャッカス" 星, 42, going into a treatment center – and it’s a far cry fr...


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土曜日にカリフォルニアで、傍観者が彼を車から引き離し、攻撃したとされる前に、歩行者をストライキしようとして歩道に車を運転した後、男性が死亡した。. 運転手は口頭での交代に関与していた。.


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ザ・ "先生を平手打ち" 挑戦は、学校での最近の暴力行為の数に影響を与えたと言われています, しかし、TikTokはトレンドの証拠が見られなかったと主張しています. ザ・ "チャレンジ" 非難の強い反応を促しました。.

Shakira says she was attacked by purse snatching boars

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Her hips don't lie and Shakira says she's not telling tall tales about being a victim of a boar attack. According to the BBC, the singer said she was attacked by two wild boars as she and her eight-year-old son, 私...

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