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Meno di 40% of fourth-graders are attending full in-person school, and less than 30% of eighth-graders, new data shows

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The nation's school districts are making strides in their efforts to reopen, but new data shows that many more students are still learning fully remotely than fully in-person. Appena 39% of fourth-graders are attendin...

Notre Dame president tests positive for Covid-19 nearly a week after attending SCOTUS announcement with no mask

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The president of Notre Dame has tested positive for Covid-19 nearly a week after he attended a White House event where he was spotted without a mask. Fr. John Jenkins tested positive and is now isolated with mild sy...

Milwaukee students attending online class heard fatal shots and their teacher called 911

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The gunshots that killed a Milwaukee woman in her home a week ago were heard by students in a virtual class whose teacher called 911. Police found the victim in the kitchen slumped over the stove after the Septembe...