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First look at new details of Disney’s upcoming ‘Princess and the Frogattraction

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In Junie 2020, the company announced Splash Mountain would be re-themed to reflect the story of Princess Tiana and her friends. Maandag, Disney shared with FOX News updates and the first look at a new rendering of ...

Katharine Hepburn had ‘an instant attraction’ to Spencer Tracy, remained devoted to him until death, pêl sê

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"It was one of those love-at-first-sight things," the late star’s pal and biographer Christopher Andersen recently told Closer Weekly. "I don’t think she admired him tremendously as an actor… [maar] there was an insta...

NYC’s scary new tourist attraction: An all-glass ‘Ascent’ into the sky

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Midtown development One Vanderbilt will soon offer thrill-seekers a fresh way to be scared of New York: an all-glass enclosed elevator on the outside of the building. The see-through human dumbwaiter, called Ascent, ...