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Elvis Presley’s iconic guitar up for grabs in upcoming auction

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Elvis Presley fans will have a chance to claim a bit of musical history when a guitar used during an iconic performance by the king of rock 'n' roll goes up for grabs later this month. Kruse GWS Auctions is putting...

Birmingham jail logs from 1963 signed by Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.. are up for auction

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Birmingham jailhouse logbook pages, signed multiple times by Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., are up for auction for the first time. The logbook shows the entries dated between March 4, 1963, en November 27, 1963, wat ...

Nike sneakers designed in honor of Obama withdrawn from sale, auction house says

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Washington An exclusive pair of Nike basketball sneakers designed in honor of former President Barack Obama were pulled from the luxury auctioneer Sotheby's ahead of their anticipated sale Friday. No reason was immed...

Auction bids are topping $57,000 for a rare $20 banknote with Del Monte sticker on it

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How can a $ 20 bill be worth over $ 57,000? Because of a printing mishap. Die "Del Monte note," a rare $ 20 banknote with a banana sticker on it, is currently for sale through Heritage Auctions, a Dallas-based au...

Truie met die vanne van Jordan, Kaepernick en Obama breek rekords in aanlynveiling

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Sporttruie van Michael Jordan, Colin Kaepernick, en selfs 'n voormalige president het vandeesweek tydens 'n aanlynveiling wêreldrekords opgestel. Jordan se historiese nuweling Chicago Bulls-trui -- die een wat hy by die ...

The original puppets from ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeerare going up for auction

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The stop-motion cuteness of one of the most beloved Christmas movies ever can be yours in time for the holidays. The original Rudolph and Santa puppets from the classic 1964 film "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" is ...

Legendary Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully on the current state of baseball and his plan to auction off mementos

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Vin Scully is a legend in Southern California, where for nearly seven decades he served as the official announcer for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Like a lot of baseball fans, I grew up listening to Scully call the pla...

Abraham Lincoln’s lock of hair sells for more than $81,000 at auction

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A lock of President Abraham Lincoln's hair and a telegram smeared with his blood sold for more than $ 81,000 at auction. The historic items sold at an auction that ended Saturday, according to Boston-based RR Aucti...