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Hoof van die Indiana museum bedank nadat 'n werkadvertensie 'n direkteur gesoek het om sy 'tradisionele' te handhaaf, kern, wit kunsgehoor’

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Charles Venable het Woensdag bedank as hoof van die Indianapolis Museum of Art op Newfields nadat 'n rasongevoelige werklys na 'n kunsdirekteur gesoek het wat die museum sou onderhou. "tradisioneel, kern, wit kuns ...

Howard Stern signs new 5-year deal with SiriusXM after teasing audience for weeks

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Howard Stern and SiriusXM have announced that "The Howard Stern Show" will return for five more years. Stern thanked his cohost Robin Quivers and his entire writing staff and video crew during his show on Tuesday, ...

Vreemde wetenskap: Hoe 'n 'slordige’ Bannon-gesteunde papier oor koronavirus-oorsprong het sy weg na 'n gehoor van miljoene gemaak

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Dit was 'n lokprentverhaal. A respected Chinese virologist appeared on Tucker Carlson's show on Fox News in mid-September to share the results of her just-completed report. Die gevolgtrekking: The novel coronavirus that...

TV shows dealing with live audience restrictions deserve applause

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On Monday night's season premiere of "Die stem," a contestant named Corey Ward was dealt a tough hand when none of the show's four coaches turned their chairs to take the singer onto the next round. Ward's backsto...

‘Die stem’ returns tonight with a virtual audience and an audition to inspire your soul

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"Die stem" returns tonight for its season 19 premiere with an episode that will be unlike any other. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the audience will be virtual and the four judges: Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Gwe...

Tyra Banks angers ‘Dancing With the Starsaudience with error

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Tyra Banks announced the wrong couple as safe during Monday night's episode of "Dans Met Die Sterre" and it didn't go over well with some of the audience. During the elimination portion of the show the new host h...

Madrid opera canceled after audience revolts over social distancing concerns

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A live audience is always difficult to impress, perhaps even more so in the age of social distancing. An opera in Madrid was halted on Sunday night after audience members protested over concerns that seating was too...

At the United Nations this week, US President Donald Trump will be denied something he lovesa live audience

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This year's gathering of the global elite at the UN General Assembly (UNGA) has been cramped by Covid-19: World leaders won't flock to New York, opting instead for a virtual speech fest. Gone will be the diplomatic ...