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Texas Gov. Abbott orders school safety officials to conduct ‘random intruder detection audits

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"Staff should approach campuses to find weak points and how quickly they can penetrate buildings without being stopped," Abbott wrote in the letter to Kathy Martinez-Prather, the director of the Texas School Safety C...

Chris Rufo pushes back on anti-racism audits in schools: This is about turning children into activists

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CHRIS RUFO: There are now tens of millions of students that undergo these kind of surveys and so-called anti-racism audits. And this is what happens when you take the ideology of critical race theory and you attach i...

Justice Department puts states on notice about post-election audits and election law changes

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The Justice Department on Wednesday put states and local officials on notice of their federal obligations when conducting post-election audits and dictating the rules for casting ballots. Trump loyalists echo fa...