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Austin judge sets $50K bond for child sex predator after previous judge recommended $1 miljoen

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A homeless, convicted sexual predator, arrested in Austin, Texas, for felony sexual assault of a child had his bond set at $ 50,000 by a magistrate judge in late December, despite a previous judge having earlier rec...

Defense Secretary Austin says he has tested positive for Covid-19

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Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has tested positive for Covid-19 and is exhibiting "sag" simptome, according to a statement from him released by the Defense Department on Sunday. "I have informed my leadership team ...

Remy Martin’s late 3 hysbakke No. 7 Kansas over Stephen F. Austin

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The Jayhawks (9-1) led 73-70 before Martin buried the 3 from the top of the key. Christian Braun scored a game-high 21 punte, Ochai Agbaji had 18, Martin contributed 15 and Jalen Wilson scored 10. "I saw the shot cl...

Leërsersant aangekla van moord in 2020 Austin-onlusteskiet pleit selfverdediging: polisieondersoeker stem saam

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Gewelddadige betogings, onluste, en moorde, in die naam van die Black Lives Matter-beweging het in die somer van oor die land uitgebreek 2020. Laat een Saterdagaand deur die loop van daardie somer, Weermagsersant Daniel Per...

Afd. Austin says US isn’t afraid of Chinese competition even as country advances its hypersonic weapons

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US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin addressed recent Chinese military advancements Saturday, including the test of a hypersonic weapon system and strengthening of nuclear capabilities, sê, "America isn't a coun...

Lloyd Austin says increased China activity near Taiwan ‘looks like rehearsal

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Austin made his comment during a keynote discussion with Fox News anchor Bret Baier at the Reagan National Defense Forum in Simi Valley, Kalifornië. Pointing out how China has been launching multiple air operations n...

Lloyd Austin reacts with awkward silence when asked if he has regrets about Afghanistan withdrawal

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"Do you have any regrets about the Afghan withdrawal?" Baier asked Austin during a keynote discussion at the Reagan National Defense Forum in Simi Valley, Kalifornië. After a silence that lingered for nearly 10 secon...

Josh Hawley: Milley, Austin need to prepare US troops for real wars, not culture wars

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Hawley suggested the incident exemplified misplaced priorities in the U.S. military under the Biden administration – and worried that China might draw some conclusions about U.S. war readiness. CHINA MOCKS ‘POWERLESS...

Austin business owner calls for more police after being denied help during burglary

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The Austin Police Department issued a policy on Oct. 1, in part to help alleviate its staffing challenges, that would reroute callers away from 911 if it didn't consider the incident an emergency. Linh Tu said his sh...

Austin, Texas, defunded its police department. Now voters will decide if city needs more officers

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Councilman Greg Cesar, a progressive who spearheaded the push to cut funding, said the vote offered a moment to "celebrate what the movement has achieved for safety, racial justice and democracy." But since the budg...

In Ukraine, Defense Secretary Austin calls on Russia to stop ‘persistent cyberattacks

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US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Tuesday called on Russia to stop its occupation of Crimea and to halt its "persistent cyberattacks" against the United States. "We again call on Russia to end its occupation of C...

Dappers’ Austin Riley stuns Dodgers with walk-off single in NLCS Game 1

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With the game tied in the bottom of the ninth and Ozzie Albies on second base, Riley singled to left field to score a racing Albies. The RBI gave Atlanta a 3-2 victory and an early lead in the NLCS. KLIK HIER VIR MO ...

Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green agree to divorce settlement: verslag doen

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jakkals, 35, and Green, 48, did not have a prenup, which means that by California law they will have to split everything acquired during their decade-long marriage, TMZ berig. It’s unclear whether either one of them wi...

‘Dans met die sterre’ contestants Brian Austin Green, Matt James sent home in double elimination

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Tuesday night's episode of the dance competition series resulted in a double elimination after contestants Brian Austin Green and Matt James were sent home. The stars' departures took place following the show's "Disn...

‘Dans met die sterre’ pro Sharna Burgess verdedig Brian Austin Green -verhouding: 'Dit is nie 'n skouspel nie’

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Burgess en Green het uitgegaan nadat die akteur van Megan Fox geskei het 2020. Die twee het onthul dat hulle saam was 11 maande gedurende die seisoen 30 première van "DWTS." "Vir diegene wat sê ons soen te veel, hier is ...

Die Soros -groep spandeer $ 500 000 in 'n veldtog om te weerstaan ​​teen die herstel van die Austin -polisie -eenhede wat ontneem is

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Voorstel A., 'n Austin -stembriefvoorstel vir die Nov. 2 verkiesing ondersteun deur die groep Save Austin Now, ten minste twee Austin -polisiebeamptes benodig vir elke 1,000 inwoners en sou die beamptes 'n byvoeging gee..

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