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‘40s star Carole Landis, seemingly forgotten today, ‘embodied a real sense of unity’ during WWII, dice l'autore

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The award-winning author recently wrote a book in partnership with Turner Classic Movies (TCM), "Hollywood Victory," which explores how the stars from the golden era of filmmaking supported American troops during Wor...

Texas Rep. Shelby Slawson, author of ‘Heartbeat Bill,’ reacts to leaked SCOTUS Roe opinion

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rappresentante. Shelby Slawson, R-Stephenville, having read through the leaked draft opinion by Justice Alito, described it as "brilliantly articulated." Slawson authored HB 1515 – better known as the "Texas Heartbeat Act" – w...

L'autore politico reagisce alle critiche di Elon Musk: ‘Queste persone stanno perdendo la testa’

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DOUGLAS MURRAY: Stanno solo reagendo in modo così bizzarro. C'è stato qualcuno l'altro giorno che ha affermato che è come l'ultima notte di Weimar, Germania, su Twitter quindi ormai possiamo aspettarci rastrellamenti da parte della Brigata Elon Musk...

New York Times’ Hannah-Jones è diventata una star con l'aiuto dei media liberali nonostante "imperfetta".’ 1619 Progetto: morirà in guerra

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"I media hanno davvero aiutato Nikole Hannah-Jones a essere catapultato in questo status di celebrità, che anche e penso che questo sia il punto più grande, catapultato il 1619 Progetto in questo tipo di iniziativa nazionale [quella] fatto...

If they disliked the American century, ‘wait ’til they see the CCP century’: morirà in guerra

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DOUGLAS MURRAY: There is a growing tendency in America, not just on the Left, but now I would argue on the political Right as well. They're starting to say the same talking points that the Left used to make. It used ...

‘How to Murder Your Husbandfiction author on trial for real-life murder in Oregon

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Multnomah County District Attorney Rod Underhill charged Brophy, 71, with one count of murder with a firearm in September 2018, but her trial has been delayed due to COVID-19, documenti del tribunale mostrano. Nancy Cr...

‘Vince Flynn Daydeclared in Minnesota in honor of best-selling author and family man

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Di mercoledì, aprile 6, 2022, Vince Flynn — Minnesota born and bred — was top of mind for many Minnesotans as the day was declared Vince Flynn Day in his honor in his home state. aprile 6 was his birthday. "He loved ...

Author says New York Times, Twitter burying infamous laptop story helped distract from Biden family corruption

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"They chose to bury that coverage in October 2020 when it really mattered," Rindsberg told Fox News Digital, noting the Times quietly confirmed the laptop last week and Twitter made a "politically motivated" decision...

morirà in guerra, morirà in guerra: morirà in guerra’

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morirà in guerra 14 morirà in guerra, "morirà in guerra" Gli è stata diagnosticata una grave stenosi spinale, Gli è stata diagnosticata una grave stenosi spinale.

If Hunter is indicted, it could open a ‘whole can of worms’ per Joe Biden: morirà in guerra

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PETER SCHWEIZER: I think the best evidence is The New York Times ran this piece where they admitted the laptop was real — that was in paragraph 17 o 18. But the story was basically about the grand jury looking into ...

Author admits she ‘wouldn’t mindif Justice Clarence Thomashealth forces him into retirement, deletes tweet

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"Trying to maintain the high road. Don't want him to die. But wouldn't mind if his health forced him into retirement. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas hospitalized with infection, high court says," the former jo...

Dolores Costello, ‘20s star and Drew Barrymore’s grandmother, should be remembered for this reason: autore

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Recentemente, Drew Barrymore was brought to tears when she stumbled upon photos of her late grandmother on social media. The 47-year-old said she was scrolling through Instagram when she came across old photos of the act...

99-year-old WWII veteran launches career as children’s book author: ‘Reading is a foundation’

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Sam Baker, 99, from Scottsdale, Arizona, joined the Marine Corps in 1942, just four months after the attack on Pearl Harbor. When he returned to civilian life in the fall of 1947, Baker joined the U.S. Coast and Geo...

Meghan Markle was called ‘that minxby Prince Charleswife Camilla, author claims

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The claim was made by British author Tom Bower, who has previously written several unauthorized biographies of famous figures, such as Prince Charles, Ghislaine Maxwell’s father Robert Maxwell and Mohamed Al Fayed, un...

Author questions whether China has leverage over Biden

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"The worst thing that stands out to me is that every single deal that the Biden family got in China when Joe Biden was vice president was involving an individual who had had links to the highest levels of Chinese int...

Il principe William "è stato molto coinvolto" nella rimozione dei titoli del principe Andrew con il sostegno della regina Elisabetta: autore

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L'esperta reale Kristin Contino ha recentemente affermato questa affermazione, dicendo che il monarca regnante si è affidato al principe William per un consiglio. Contino dice anche che il duca di Cambridge è stato coinvolto nella decisione di spogliare suo zio..