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How the US should respond to China and Russia’s ‘new era of authoritarian aggression’: GOP senator

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TRIUNFO: BRITTNEY GRINER PRISONER SWAP FOR 'MERCHANT OF DEATH' DOESN'T 'SEEM LIKE A VERY GOOD TRADE' SEN. SULLIVAN: What you're seeing in the Taiwan Strait, qué [you're] seeing in Ukraine by Russia, is this new era of...

MSNBC contributor claims Supreme Court will allow ‘authoritarian takeover’ de nosotros.

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Mystal’s hyperbolic statements occurred during a discussion between host Tiffany Cross and MSNBC contributors Jason Johnson and Sarah Kendzior about the likelihood of civil war in the United States between Republican...

San Francisco’s plan to surveil private security cameras is ‘authoritarian,’ says tech oversight advocate

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"We know these systems don't work and it's political theater, but we pay a real price, not just in dollars and cents, but with our civil rights," Albert Fox Cahn, executive director of the Surveillance Technology Ove...

Roe overturned: MSNBC historian calls Supreme Court ‘fascist,’ ‘authoritarian,’ ‘on the side of Orwell’

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los "Buenos días Joe" panel argued that by overturning Roe and giving states the power to make their own laws on abortion rights, the court was empowering Orwellian "Big Government" and it could lead to another civil war...

Florida’s Ron DeSantis smeared as ‘authoritarian leader,’ ‘next Grand Wizard of GOP’ by MSNBC ReidOut guests

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Addressing her guests, Democratic strategist Fernand Amandi and MSNBC contributor Dean Obeidallah, Reid opened the segment by sharing her fears that DeSantis is "creating essentially a Republican superstate where it ...

Biden’s disinformation board is authoritarian and reminds me of my life in China

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There are many unknowns about DGB. Por ejemplo, we don’t know how the members of DGB will be selected, what kind of power it will have, and how it defines misinformation. But the early signs are not promising. The va...

Viktor Orban, Hungary’s authoritarian leader, calls Zelensky an ‘opponentafter winning reelection

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Hungary's authoritarian leader and longtime Russian ally, Viktor Orban, has declared victory in the country's parliamentary elections, clinching a fourth consecutive term in power. Orban's Fidesz party had a command...

Stefanik warns Russia, China ‘strengtheningtheir ‘authoritarian alliance

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"That is dangerous to the West, dangerous to the United States, dangerous to all of our allies, particularly in Europe, and particularly you know, countries like Ukraine and Taiwan," Stefanik told Fox News on the sid...

Russian athletes should not be ‘penalizedfor decisions of an ‘authoritarian leadership’, WTA exec says

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Chief Executive Steve Simon told the BBC on Tuesday that the WTA does not intend to ban Russian and Belarusian players from competing on tour unless something "significativo" were to happen. DANIIL MEDVEDEV MAY HAVE T...

Nació Giavanna Carmello Babbo en septiembre

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Nació Giavanna Carmello Babbo en septiembre. Nació Giavanna Carmello Babbo en septiembre, Nació Giavanna Carmello Babbo en septiembre, Nació Giavanna Carmello Babbo en septiembre.

GiveSendGo founder rips ‘authoritarianBig Tech after GoFundMe seizes Canadian trucker’s cash

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The founder and CFO of the platform, Jacob Wells, is now calling out GoFundMe and Big Tech for their "authoritarian style of social platforms," which he says promote bias as fact and causes further division. The ca...

Nigel Farage slams ‘authoritarianAustralia after Novak Djokovic’s deportation: ‘No freedom of choice

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NOVAK DJOKOVIC LEAVES AUSTRALIA ‘EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED,’ ‘UNFORTABLE’ WITH AUSTRALIAN OPEN FOCUS NIGEL FARAGE: This is not about borders. Australia does have a very good border policy, and I commend them for it. Examen...

Tulsi Gabbard califica al administrador de Biden de "autoritario"’ e 'inaceptable’

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TULSI GABBARD: "Creo que había tanta gente en todo el país., los que votaron por Joe Biden, los que no votaron por Joe Biden, que tenía grandes esperanzas de que cumpliría su promesa, que el seria el ...

China claims its authoritarian one-party system is a democracyand one that works better than the US

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Una versión de esta historia apareció en el boletín Mientras tanto en China de CNN., una actualización tres veces a la semana que explora lo que necesita saber sobre el auge del país y cómo impacta al mundo. Registrate aquí. Hong Kong As s...

Biden’s democracy summit already sending wrong signals to authoritarian regimes

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Some are quick to blame the COVID-19 pandemic for this democratic backsliding, citing lockdowns and mandates as the drivers of decline. Authoritarian governments have unquestionably used the pandemic as an excuse to ...

Gutfeld tears into DemsIRS bank-monitoring plan: ‘We are barreling towards an authoritarian utopia

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Gutfeld's comment came in reaction to the Biden administration's agreement to scale back a proposal that could force banks to turn over customers' account information to the Internal Revenue Service amid growing crit...

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