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Brief feud flares between DC authorities and feds over prosecuting ‘outside agitators

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Washington A brief feud bubbled up this week between law enforcement agencies in Washington, DC, after the mayor and local police said the district's federal prosecutor was not charging violent "outside agitators" wh ...

New Jersey nursing home where authorities found 17 bodies sued for alleged failures during Covid-19

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The nephew of a man who died during the height of the coronavirus pandemic in New Jersey is suing the nursing home where his uncle was a resident, alleging that the facility failed to provide the legally required le...

Authorities found materials that could be used to make explosives in a Queens home following a fire

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Materials that could be used to make explosives were found in a Queens home after a fire was reported in part of the house Tuesday, owerhede gesê. The property's landlord found items that raised concern after the...

Paris knife attack suspect is of Pakistani origin, French authorities say

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The main suspect arrested over a knife attack in Paris on Friday near the former offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is of Pakistani origin, French authorities have said. France's Interior Minist...

A man fell to his death while taking pictures on a cliff in Arizona. Authorities discovered other remains while recovering his body

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A 25-year-old man died on Sunday after falling off a cliff at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in Arizona, die Nasionale Parkdiens (NPS) gesê. While authorities were recovering the man's body, they also discov...

US authorities exploring use of testing to ease air travel restrictions between NYC and London

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After months of stringent international travel restrictions, efforts are underway to open travel between London and New York City, according to sources familiar with the plans. There is ongoing planning for a pilot...

Authorities find 3,100 pounds of meth and other drugs hidden in truckload of medical supplies

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Authorities at the Otay Mesa Port of Entry in San Diego discovered more than 3,100 pounds of methamphetamine and other drugs hidden in a truck delivering medical supplies from Mexico. Drug smugglers used bottles ...

Mexico’s former defense minister detained by US authorities at Los Angeles airport, amptenaar sê

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Mexico's former defense minister, General Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda, was detained by US authorities at the Los Angeles International Airport, Mexico's Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said on Twitter Thursday night....

Authorities worry high winds, dry conditions will spread Northern California wildfires this weekend

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Northern California is preparing for weekend weather conditions that threaten to extend an already devastating 2020 wildfire season. The National Weather Service (NWS) issued a Red Flag warning for much of Northern ...

Federal authorities investigating possible ballot box arson in Boston

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Federal authorities are investigating the possible arson of a ballot box in Boston after the Massachusetts Secretary of State's office notified them of the incident, amptenare gesê. Firefighters responded to a call ...

Federale owerhede het verwag om 'nie-skaalbaar' op te rig’ heining om die Withuis

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Daar word verwag dat die federale owerhede van Washington weer 'n a "nie-skaalbaar" omhein die hele omtrek van die Withuis Maandag terwyl wetstoepassers en ander agentskappe hulle voorberei op moontlike betogings..

Palestinian prisoner ends hunger strike after making deal with Israeli authorities

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Jerusalem A Palestinian detainee held by Israel has ended a hunger strike lasting more than 100 dae, after Israeli authorities agreed he would be freed at the end of the month and his administrative detention order ...

New York-owerhede ondersoek miljoene belastingafskrywings van die Trump-organisasie

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Washington New York-owerhede wat die Trump-organisasie ondersoek, het hul navrae uitgebrei na belastingafskrywings wat miljoene dollars in konsultasiefooie insluit., volgens mense wat vertroud is met die inv ...

Mexican authorities uncover 113 bodies in mass grave

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Mexican authorities have announced the discovery of at least 113 bodies from a mass grave in Jalisco state. Van die totaal, 30 bodies have been identified by relatives, said state attorney Gerardo Octavio Solís at a p...

500 mense het opgedaag vir 'n konsert by 'n nagklub in Ohio wat plaaslike COVID-19-beperkings weerstaan, sê owerhede

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'N Nagklub in Columbus, Ohio, is tydelik gesluit en word beskuldig van oortredings van openbare gesondheid, want tot 500 mense het 'n konsert bygewoon met die opskrif van R&B-sanger Trey Songz die naweek, owerhede sa ...

Amerikaanse owerhede is gereed om vinnig te beweeg en dinge te breek, ook

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Dit is uit Desember ontleen 11 uitgawe van CNN se Intussen in Amerika, die daaglikse e-pos oor Amerikaanse politiek vir wêreldwye lesers. Klik hier om vorige uitgawes te lees en in te teken. Dit is tyd vir Amerikaanse owerhede om te ....

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