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Biden’s pick to regulate national banks received ‘Lenin’ award, praised USSR for gender equality

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Saule Omarova, a Cornell University law professor, is a native of Kazakhstan and graduated from Moscow State University, where she received the "Lenin Personal Academic Scholarship," according to her resume. As rece...

Greg Gutfeld: Award show implosion is one of the great things of the past decade

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You remember the dress worn by a-list socialist AOC at the ghoulish Met Gala – where the masters sauntered around maskless, while the servants impersonated the gimp from Pulp Fiction. There hasn’t been a more stark c...

Emmys 2021 aanbieder Seth Rogen lewer kommentaar op die gebrek aan COVID-19-veiligheidsprotokolle tydens die toekenning, Twitter stapel voort

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Die 2021 Emmy Awards is een van die eerste paar toekenningsprogramme wat sedert die uitbreek van die coronavirus-pandemie na normale persoonlike uitsendings teruggekeer het. By die skou, 'n paar lede van die gehoor het maskers gedra of 'n geselskap onderhou..

Emmys producers, host promise a ‘good timeahead of award show

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That includes Netflix's drama "Die kroon" and Apple TV+ comedy "Ted Lasso." Each is considered a frontrunner Sunday for top series honors in their respective categories, and their casts received armloads of nominatio...

Ed Sheeran says American award shows are ‘filled with resentment and hatred

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The English singer-songwriter didn’t mince his words about his disdain for US award shows in an interview following the 2021 MTV VMAs where he performed this weekend. "The room is filled with resentment and hatred to...

Rahm wen die puntetoekenning vir die beste speler van PGA of America

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Rahm het die puntespeler van die jaar-toekenning van die PGA of America gewen, en dit was die voëltjie -put op die 18de putjie by East Lake wat die verskil gemaak het. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Rahm klaar ...

GOP congresswoman spearheads bipartisan push to award Congressional Gold Medal to 13 fallen troops

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The bill introduced by Rep. Lisa McClain’s, R-Me., seeks to give Congress' most distinguished award to the 13 service members killed near the capital's airport. "These heroic men and women are gone far too soon, 'n ...

Andrew Cuomo has International Emmy Award rescinded following sexual harassment scandal

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"The International Academy announced today that in light of the New York Attorney General’s report, and Andrew Cuomo’s subsequent resignation as Governor, it is rescinding his special 2020 International Emmy® Award,...

Biden signs bill to award Congressional Gold Medal to police who responded to insurrection

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President Joe Biden signed a bill into law at the White House on Thursday to award congressional gold medals to the police forces that responded to the insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6. The Congressional...

Nobel Peace Prize winner says Olympics deserves the award

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Yunus, a Bangladeshi banker who was awarded his Nobel in 2006 for pioneering micro-credit loans to impoverished people, has worked with the International Olympic Committee on a business program for athletes. "I think...

Prince Harry tells award winners his mother would have been ‘so proud

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Prince Harry has told recipients of the Diana Award that his mother would have been proud of them in a surprise congratulatory message to those who have worked on issues related to the pandemic. "Thank you for inspi...

Country music pioneer Linda Martell honored with CMT Equal Play Award

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Martell received the CMT Equal Play Award at Wednesday night's show. Mickey Guyton, who this year became the first solo Black woman nominated for a country Grammy award, presented the honor to Martell, while Black a...

Recently retired QB Rivers wins NFL writersGood Guy Award

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Riviere, who retired at 39 after one season with Indianapolis in 2020 volgende 16 years with the San Diego and Los Angeles Chargers, earned praise for consistently tackling all topics, even in a Zoom setting, and off...

Nikola Jokic becomes lowest draft pick ever to win MVP award

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Nou, by overwhelming consensus, he's No. 1. The Nuggets' big man was revealed Tuesday as the NBA's Most Valuable Player for 2020-21, making him by far the lowest draft pick ever to win the award. "The Joker" now has ...

Mike Marshall, skroefbal-verligter wat Cy Young-toekenning gewen het, dood by 78

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Hy het hospitaalsorg by sy huis in Zephyrhills ontvang, Fla., het sy dogter Rebekah aan die Dodgers vertel. Sy het nie die doodsoorsaak gegee nie. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Marshall ,het sy eerste verskyning gemaak ...

Grammys rule change expands eligibility for album of the year award

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The change comes amid a slew of changes to how the Recording Academy selects potential winners. This specific change gives more producers and songwriters a better chance at winning the top award, reducing the minimum...

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