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Trump was aware Pence had been evacuated to secure location as rioters stormed Capitol

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President Donald Trump was aware his vice president had been evacuated to a secure location as rioters stormed the US Capitol, according to a person who was with Trump on January 6. And while Trump never attempted t...

NRA says it’s aware of ‘significant diversion of its assetsin tax filing

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The National Rifle Association says in a tax filing that it became aware of a "significant diversion" of its assets in 2019 and previous years, and that its current president has paid back nearly $ 300,000 plus int...

Parents are less aware when their kids vape than when they smoke, dice lo studio

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Millions of young people vape. How aware are their parents? Not very, dice un nuovo studio. Parents and guardians are less likely to know or suspect when their children vape or use other tobacco products than they are w...