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Guardia de honor de Tennessee "asombrada"’ por participación en el funeral del veterano que murió sin familia: reporte

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La Guardia de Honor de Veteranos de los Tres Condados en Tennessee otorgó los honores militares finales a Sides, diciendo que solo había estado en el área durante unos días antes de fallecer repentinamente en junio 1. Fotos publicadas por el reportero de WVLT Ab ...

Billy Joel’s daughter Alexa Ray reveals how the star reacted to her new song: ‘He called me right away’

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El jueves, the songstress recalled to PEOPLE (The TV Show!) how the piano man reacted after she released her new track "Seven Years." "He called me right away," the 35-year-old told the outlet. "He’s pretty low-key...

Blue states are ‘hemorrhaging people, shoving them awayas Dems continue to raise taxes: Newt Gingrich

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NEWT GINGRICH: There are deeper things going on as you point out, the blue states are hemorrhaging people, shoving them away and what’s crazy is in the middle of all of this, the answer of the liberals is to raise ta...

‘Demon Slayerbeats ‘Spirited Awayto become Japan’s highest-grossing movie ever

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Tokyo (CNN Business)A Japanese anime blockbuster has beaten the Oscar-winning classic "Spirited Away" to become the country's highest-grossing movie ever — a significant feat as the global entertainment industry reel...

Más que 17 million people have *already* voted. The election is still 19 days away.

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Más que 17 million ballots across 44 states and DC have already been cast in the 2020 elección, a stunning testament to what could be a a historically high voter turnout fueled by a series of state law changes tha...

The UK considered shipping migrants 4,000 kilómetros de distancia. This is the influential minister in charge of immigration policy

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London No one takes the job of Britain's interior minister with the aim of becoming popular. The occupant of the post, officially titled home secretary, sits astride a sprawling government department that oversees t...