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Dylan Farrow reacts to Bill Cosby, James Franco’s case outcomes, says justice ‘can be taken away

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The daughter of Mia Farrow blasted Bill Cosby's release from prison following his sexual assault conviction being overturned and James Franco settling his sexual misconduct lawsuit for $ 2.2 百万. Farrow said he...

彼らは 80+. They’re in charge. They’re not going away.

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この物語のバージョンは、CNNのWhatMattersニュースレターに掲載されました. 受信トレイに入れるには, ここから無料でサインアップ. Voters generally reward age and experience, at least when it comes to incumbents. But there's an...

KT McFarland on Cuba protests: Biden admin must double down on promoting democracy, not ‘shrink awayfrom it

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KTマクファーランド: The only people who like socialism and communism in the world today, they're in the United States Congress and I guess in the Biden administration. Why we would drop what America has stood for for decad...

Scott Disick ‘keeping away’ from Kourtney Kardashian-Travis Barker romance during Hamptons getaway: ソース

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The Lord, 38, is currently vacationing in the Hamptons, east of New York City, where he’s made the mad dash with his 20-year-old flame, model Amelia Hamlin. The pair are said to be enjoying a swell time with Disick a...

World is ‘moving further awayfrom end of COVID-19 pandemic: WHO official

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博士. Maria Van Kerkhove, epidemiologist and WHO COVID-19 technical lead, noted an 11.5% increase in global cases over the last week, とともに 1% increase in deaths. Europe saw a 21% uptick in infections last week, while...

Lance Bass claims he was ‘kept awayfrom Britney Spears amid conservatorship

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The 'NSYNC alum, 42, spoke with "リアルハウスワイフ" star Heather Dubrow on her podcast Friday about his relationship with the pop star, 39. "I haven’t spoken to her for years. We’ve been kept away from each other for q...

The UK considered shipping migrants 4,000 miles away. This is the influential minister in charge of immigration policy

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London No one takes the job of Britain's interior minister with the aim of becoming popular. The occupant of the post, officially titled home secretary, sits astride a sprawling government department that oversees t...

ディーター・ブルマー, 「ホームアンドアウェイ’ 星, で死んだ 45

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ディーター・ブルマー, テレビのメロドラマで心躍るシェーン・パリッシュとしての役割で最もよく知られているオーストラリアの俳優 "ホームアンドアウェイ," の年齢で亡くなりました 45. ニューサウスウェールズ警察は、CNN系列の9NewsにBrummerのことを確認しました。.

より多い 17 million people have *already* voted. The election is still 19 days away.

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より多い 17 million ballots across 44 states and DC have already been cast in the 2020 選挙, a stunning testament to what could be a a historically high voter turnout fueled by a series of state law changes tha...

Journalist says ‘no surpriseDOJ declining COVID nursing home probe: ‘Democrats take over, it goes away

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Officials in Michigan, as well as New York and Pennsylvania have come under fire for policies that critics claim led to unnecessary and preventable deaths of loved ones during gubernatorial executive emergency lockdo...

‘Demon Slayerbeats ‘Spirited Awayto become Japan’s highest-grossing movie ever

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東京 (CNNビジネス)A Japanese anime blockbuster has beaten the Oscar-winning classic "Spirited Away" to become the country's highest-grossing movie ever — a significant feat as the global entertainment industry reel...

Iran nuclear concerns: Israel warns Tehran is only ‘10 weeks away’ from acquiring weapons-grade materials

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Gantz made the comment during a presentation aimed at having the Council sanction Iran for a series of recent maritime attacks, including one last week on the oil tanker Mercer Street that killed two people, アコーディン...

Blue states are ‘hemorrhaging people, shoving them awayas Dems continue to raise taxes: ニュートギングリッチ

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ニュートギングリッチ: There are deeper things going on as you point out, the blue states are hemorrhaging people, shoving them away and what’s crazy is in the middle of all of this, the answer of the liberals is to raise ta...

トランプはバイデンのアフガンの行動を引き裂く: 「私たちの国はこれほど屈辱を受けたことはありません」; 「ベトナムを吹き飛ばす’

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トランプは言った "ハニティ" バイデンが歴史上他のどの大統領よりも米国を屈辱したこと, 明示的に食している仲間の民主党員ジミー・カーターのイラン人質危機 1979. "それはoにとってひどい時期です。.

ビリージョエルの娘アレクサレイは、スターが彼女の新しい曲にどのように反応したかを明らかにします: 「彼はすぐに私に電話しました」

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木曜日に, 歌姫は人々に呼び戻されました (テレビ番組!) 新しいトラックをリリースした後のピアノマンの反応 "7年。" "彼はすぐに私に電話しました," 35歳はアウトレットに語った. "彼はかなり控えめです。.

‘Come From Awaylands with all of its Broadway charms intact on Apple TV+

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Amid a slew of documentary programming tied to the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 攻撃, the best thing to watch turns out to be a streaming Broadway musical. Much like "ハミルトン" on Disney+,"離れて来る" del...

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