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Philadelphia reimposes indoor mask mandate in response to rising omicron BA.2 cases

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"Recently we've been watching COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations rise in several European countries and some places in the US, and now were starting to see cases here in Philadelphia rise," Philadelphia Health Commi...

Omicron subvariant BA.2 is now the dominant strain of Covid-19 in the US, CDC sê

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The highly contagious Omicron subvariant BA.2 is now the dominant strain of Covid-19 in the United States, causing an estimated 54.9% of all new Covid-19 infections last week, according to new data from the US Cente...

As BA.2 grows in the US, experts look to other countries to predict its impact here

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After weeks in free fall, new Covid-19 cases are starting to level off in the US, as the BA.2 subvariant continues its ascent. BA.2 caused about 35% of cases in the US last week, vanaf 22% the week before, ooreenkomste ...

‘Stealthomicron variant BA.2 circulating in almost half of US, but CDC exercises caution: verslag doen

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There are now at least 127 known cases of the subvariant BA.2, otherwise known as the "stealth" variant, circulating in almost half of the United States that international experts suggest is more contagious as omicro...

Washington state reports two cases of omicron subvariant BA.2

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"Two cases of BA.2, a subvariant of omicron, were detected earlier this month in Washington," a spokesperson for the Washington Department of Health told Fox News Digital on Monday. The spokesperson said that health ...