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Rat poison found in over 80% of bald eagles in a US study

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The majority of American eagles likely have rat poison in their systems, a new study reported Wednesday. Bald eagles once had faced grave threats to their survival in the 1960s due to hunting and DDT poisoning, ma...

La popolazione dell'aquila calva americana è quadruplicata da allora 2009, dice il rapporto

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Aquile calve, una volta nell'elenco delle specie in via di estinzione, ora stanno prosperando, secondo un recente rapporto. L'US Fish and Wildlife Service ha affermato in un nuovo rapporto che le aquile calve sono quadruplicate da allora 2009. Al di sopra di 316,7...

Easy, breezybald? James Charles says he’s shaved his head but the Internet isn’t sure

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If there's one thing beauty vlogger James Charles knows really well, it's how to cause a stir. The YouTube star began trending on social media Friday when he shared photos of himself with a bald head, with a bald e...

An injured bald eagle entangled in fishing line was rescued by two children and some Florida firefighters

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Firefighters in Florida this week helped rescue a bald eagle with a fishing hook stuck in its beak and the attached line wrapped around its wing and beak. Firefighters at Pasco County Fire Rescue Station 21 on Thurs...