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Out of office and off the ballot, Trump’s influence still looms

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The two candidates in the Virginia governor's race are talking more about Donald Trump, the former President, than they are about Joe Biden, the White House's current occupant. That disparity in the dialogue between...

Judge dismisses Fulton County ballot review case in Georgia

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A judge in Georgia on Wednesday dismissed a case that could have paved the way for an audit of Fulton County's ballots, bringing to a close the final outstanding lawsuit challenging Georgia's election results. The b...

Virginia Dems press Northam to waive absentee ballot witness signature requirements ahead of governor’s race

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The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors voted 9-1, with the only Republican voting against, to send a letter to Northam asking him to drop the witness signature requirement like was done during the 2020 elección, En s...

In Canada and Germany, the climate crisis is finally on the ballot. But can it win?

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It was just last week that Canada's British Columbia finally ended its state of emergency, more than two months after wildfires tore through parts of the province and reduced an entire village and its surroundings t...

Manos de los oficiales de Minneapolis’ desde la muerte de George Floyd, mientras el juez sopesa la medida de la balota para reemplazar a la policía

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Según un informe de investigación de Reuters, Los oficiales de Minneapolis dejaron de realizar paradas de tráfico casi de inmediato, cuando estallaron manifestaciones violentas en toda la ciudad en respuesta al video viral que muestra la forma ...

Juez rechaza lenguaje de votación de Minneapolis sobre desfinanciamiento de la policía, El consejo lleva a cabo una reunión de emergencia para revisar

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El juez de distrito del condado de Hennepin, Jamie Anderson, anuló el martes el lenguaje de la boleta electoral propuesto que habría preguntado a los votantes si Minneapolis debería reemplazar su fuerza policial con un departamento de seguridad pública vagamente definido..

‘Democracy will be on the ballot’: Secretary of state races emerge as newest US political flashpoint

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Republicans and Democrats are gearing up for expensive battles to influence a crop of contests next year that often go unnoticed: secretary of state races. Former President Donald Trump's persistent and fruitless ef...

Larry Elder claims CA Secretary of State Weber ‘targeted’ él; intentionally left him off Gov race ballot

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Elder told "Tucker Carlson esta noche" that he is suing Weber, un demócrata, after his name was conspicuously absent from a list of 41 declared candidates who will run in a forthcoming election, should Democratic Gov. Gav...

Larry Elder suing California secretary of state over recall ballot access

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Elder claims that Weber’s office wrongfully refused his nomination paperwork due to incomplete tax returns, which are required of candidates ever since the state passed a law in 2019. Elder maintains that he was thor...

California judge denies Newsom’s request to be listed as Democrat on recall ballot

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A California judge on Monday denied Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom's request to have his party affiliation listed on the state's upcoming recall election ballot. Newsom had sued his own secretary of state last month ...

NYC mayoral contenders file lawsuits seeking ballot review

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Civil rights attorney Maya Wiley filed a lawsuit Thursday in state court in Brooklyn seeking to preserve her right to challenge the election results and asking for all of the ballots that were "cast or attempted to b...

Nevada state legislature looks to codify ballot harvesting while adding straight-ticket voting

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El miércoles, the Democrat-controlled Nevada General Assembly passed Assembly Bill 321, a measure that legally codifies ballot harvesting and expanded mail-in voting measures initially implemented as the COVID-19 pan...

Another ballot audit set to move ahead in Fulton County, Georgia, as judge rules absentee ballots can be unsealed

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Yet another ballot audit is set to move ahead in Georgia's most populous county after a judge ruled Friday that absentee ballots could be unsealed for parties looking to examine them for evidence of fraud. The revie...

Trump requests mail-in ballot ahead of local Florida election despite baseless fraud claims

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Washington Former President Donald Trump requested a mail-in ballot ahead of a local municipal election in Florida, according to Palm Beach County records, despite his frequent attacks on voting by mail. The records...

Rudy Giuliani voted with an affidavit ballot, which he bashed in failed effort to overturn election

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President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani personally voted in the 2020 election using a voting method he publicly disparaged and bashed in his attempts to overthrow the presidential election results, a ...

Tyler Perry says he didn’t get his absentee ballot, so he flew home to Georgia to vote

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Tyler Perry had a problem. Tuesday is Election Day in Georgia -- a runoff race for two seats that will determine which party will have control of the US Senate -- and by Monday, the movie mogul's absentee ballot had...

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