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Baltimore Ravens linebacker Jaylon Ferguson dies aged 26

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Baltimore Ravens outside linebacker Jaylon Ferguson has died, the NFL team announced on Wednesday. Hy was 26. "We are profoundly saddened by the tragic passing of Jaylon Ferguson," the Ravens said on Twitter. "He wa...

Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby faces staffing crisis amid criminal charges and uphill reelection battle

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Mosby explained that 103 assistant state’s attorney positions are currently filled, terwyl 42 are vacant, meaning that the unit is understaffed by about 29%. For chief state's attorneys, 41 positions are filled and si...

Baltimore police commissioner blames ‘total disregard for human lifefor rampant violence

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Multiple shootings in Baltimore on Saturday into Sunday left four dead including a teenager, according to The Baltimore Sun. A shooting in the city's Inner Harbor near the waterfront promenade struck a 17-year-old bo...

Baltimore 17-year-old Jasmine Brunson, fatally shot at after-prom party, was a ‘breath of fresh air’: familie

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Baltimore authorities and Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan are offering a $ 16,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of any suspects who may have fatally shot Brunson at the party on the 1700 block of East Lafay...

Adopted Baltimore Sun guest writer wishes her own mother had the right to abort her

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The point of the piece by Melissa Falen published on Wednesday appeared to be a defense of abortion rights. Not only did Falen make the case for a women’s right to choose, she made the case for her own mother to choo...

‘The Wiremerges with Baltimore policing’s reality in ‘We Own This City

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As "The Wire" defined the futility of the drug war -- and not incidentally ranks as one of the greatest series ever made in the eyes of a loyal few -- its fictional look at policing Baltimore merges with a fact-base...

Baltimore aims to be one of the first cities to address police staffing shortages by hiring civilian investigators

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The Baltimore Police Department is planning to become one of the first law enforcement agencies in the country to hire civilians as investigators in its detective force as it continues to face staffing shortages ami...

Baltimore doctor shot during morning drive to work

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Dr. Madhu Subramanian, a 38-year-old surgeon at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center and an assistant professor of surgery, was on his way to work around 7 am. City police said they found a man injured on the 1200 ...

Ravens’ Lamar Jackson says he loves team, rips ‘false narrative’ about him leaving Baltimore

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Die 2019 NFL MVP on Wednesday tweeted that he loves the team and lashed out at a "false narrative" surrounding his playing future with the Ravens. "I love my Ravens I don't know who the hell putting that false narr...

Baltimore shootings leave 2 juveniles dead, 4 others wounded in span of 1 uur

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The shootings began around 5:25 nm. when officers walking on foot heard gunshots near the 1700 block of Cole Street, Baltimore police said. PHILADELPHIA TOP COP VOWS ‘JUSTICE’ FOLLOWING BROAD DAYLIGHT ATTACK THAT LE...

Vast majority at Baltimore high school read at elementary level, some kindergarten: Assessment

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A teacher at the high school, which has a 61% graduation rate and a nearly $ 12 million budget, shared the iReady test results with FOX 45 Baltimore. "Our children deserve better. Hulle doen regtig," the teacher told ...

Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby hints indictment against her is politically motivated

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Mosby was indicted on federal charges of perjury and making false mortgage applications on January 13. Volgens die akte van beskuldiging, Mosby stands accused of making false allegations in attempts to purchase two homes a...

Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby’s arraignment expected in federal COVID-19 relief perjury case: verslag doen

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Mosby, sworn in as the 25th State’s Attorney for Baltimore at the start of 2015, has refused to resign over the federal indictment handed down earlier this month. The 41-year-old is expected to appear for her arraign...

Ek is redelik seker jy kan nie slaap nie: Maryland Gov. Ek is redelik seker jy kan nie slaap nie 3 Ek is redelik seker jy kan nie slaap nie

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Hogan, 'n Republikein, Ek is redelik seker jy kan nie slaap nie $ 100,000 - verdubbeling van die totale bedrag wat aangebied word deur federale wetstoepassers en plaaslike vakbondamptenare. "[object Window], [object Window].

9/11 brandweerman bring hulde aan gevalle Baltimore-kollegas

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Brandbestryders Lt. Paul Butrim, Kelsey Sadler en Kenneth Lacayo bedien 'n gekombineerde 38 jare. Frank Papalia, 'n afgetrede FDNY-luitenant en vise-president van brand- en lewensveiligheidsopleiding by Global Security Group, Inc.,....

Gevalle brandbestryders van Baltimore vereer vir heldhaftigheid, ‘dapperheid’ as stad treur ‘hartverskeurend’ tragedie

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Baltimore Fire Lt. Paul Butrim en brandbestryders Kelsey Sadler en Kenneth Lacayo is Maandag in die uitvoering van diens dood terwyl hulle gereageer het op 'n vroeë oggendbrand wat ontaard het in 'n gedeeltelike ineenstorting van die gebou op South Stric..

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