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Maryland Gov. Hogan calls Baltimore mayor’s plan to reduce police budget ‘reckless

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Mayor Brandon Scott announced on Thursday plans to establish a task force that would determine the most effective ways to reduce the police budget over five years, volgens Fox 45 Baltimore. "The governor has com...

Baltimore County Public Schools are closed again due to ongoing investigation into a cyberattack

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A ransomware attack has Baltimore County Public Schools closed to students again, after the issue forced a cancellation last week. The district posted the news on its Facebook page over the weekend, informing paren...

Baltimore doctor shot during morning drive to work

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Dr. Madhu Subramanian, a 38-year-old surgeon at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center and an assistant professor of surgery, was on his way to work around 7 am. City police said they found a man injured on the 1200 ...

Baltimore 17-year-old Jasmine Brunson, fatally shot at after-prom party, was a ‘breath of fresh air’: familie

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Baltimore authorities and Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan are offering a $ 16,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of any suspects who may have fatally shot Brunson at the party on the 1700 block of East Lafay...

2 earthquakes in 3 days rattle … Baltimore

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When we think about earthquakes in the US, they're usually somewhere around Los Angeles, or maybe Alaska, reg? But Baltimore? The Maryland city has had two earthquakes in just three days -- both as small as they a...

Baltimore Ravens vereer Michael K. Williams met sy fluitjie uit 'The Wire’

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'N Gefluit weergawe van "Die Boer in die Dell" lui deur M.&T Bank -stadion voor die Baltimore Ravens se oorwinning Sondag, ter ere van 'n ikoniese Baltimore -karakter en die ontslape akteur wat hom lewendig gemaak het ....

Baltimore County agrees to $3 million settlement with family, estate of Korryn Gaines

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Baltimore County officials have agreed to a $ 3 million settlement with the family and estate of Korryn Gaines, volgens hofstukke. The agreement comes five years after Gaines, 23, was shot and killed af...

Nege kritiek beseer in die ontploffing van die gebou in Baltimore, gedeeltelike dakstorting

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Ten minste 23 mense is beseer, nege krities, na 'n gedeeltelike dakval en ontploffing Woensdag in die middestad van Baltimore, volgens die brandweer. Die voorval het in die Baltimore Gas and Electri ...

Baltimore shootings leave 2 juveniles dead, 4 others wounded in span of 1 uur

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The shootings began around 5:25 nm. when officers walking on foot heard gunshots near the 1700 block of Cole Street, Baltimore police said. PHILADELPHIA TOP COP VOWS ‘JUSTICE’ FOLLOWING BROAD DAYLIGHT ATTACK THAT LE...

Baltimore Orioles slugger Chris Davis announces retirement

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Davis, 35, was going to miss the entire 2021 season after surgery in May to repair the labrum in his left hip. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . "After an extended time dealing with my injury and recent hip ...

Unresponsive infant saved by customs agents, paramedics at Baltimore BWI Airport

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Local paramedics are also being credited in saving the young boy. After the agents performed the initial life-saving efforts, paramedics arrived and took over before transporting the infant to a nearby hospital. ...

More assaults on Asian American women reported in San Francisco, Baltimore and New York

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Asian American women keep getting attacked in cities across the US. Horrifying assaults have been reported in San Francisco, Baltimore and New York City within the last week. A man was arrested Tuesday after two A...

Baltimore police search for suspect who fatally shot dad in front of his kids

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The Baltimore Police Department is now asking the public to help identify the shooter, who can be seen on video hiding in a neighbor's yard across the street before running over and shooting Rogers.

Baltimore Ravens’ Justin Tucker stel 'n NFL-rekord met 'n monsteragtige velddoel van 66 meter

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"Hy is die beste skopper in die NFL -geskiedenis." Dit is die manier waarop John Harbaugh, hoofafrigter van Baltimore Ravens, Justin Tucker aan die Athletic beskryf het nadat die skopper 'n nuwe NFL-rekord opgestel het vir die langste wedstryd wat die veld gewen het..

Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby’s arraignment expected in federal COVID-19 relief perjury case: verslag doen

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Mosby, sworn in as the 25th State’s Attorney for Baltimore at the start of 2015, has refused to resign over the federal indictment handed down earlier this month. The 41-year-old is expected to appear for her arraign...

Thursday Night Football: Flying Baltimore Ravens look to keep momentum at struggling Miami Dolphins

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It's a top versus bottom affair on Thursday Night Football this week, as the AFC North-leading Baltimore Ravens (6-2) seek to keep their momentum with a win on the road against the struggling Miami Dolphins (2-7), r ...

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