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Politieke spotprent van die dag: It’s based on science!

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NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles!

Lincoln Riley on leaving Oklahoma: ‘Decision solely based on my willingness to go take on a new challenge

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Riley decided to take the vacant USC job after the team parted ways with Clay Helton earlier in the season. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley talks with his players du...

Los Angeles is seeing a trend of ‘follow-homerobberies targeting people based on their cars and jewelry, sê die polisie

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There has been a slew of robberies in Los Angeles where the perpetrators target people based on the jewelry they're wearing and their cars, police said Friday. The Los Angeles Police Department is calling the crime...

‘Bediende’ Netflix -reekse gebaseer op die lewe van Stephanie Land toon die werklikheid van armoede en mishandeling

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Stephanie Land het elke dag op haar hande en knieë geval om 'n toilet te skrop, sy is opgewek deur liefde vir haar kind -- en 'n droom dat sy eendag 'n skrywer sou wees. Land het aan 'n beledigende verhouding ontsnap en dit ontbreek..

Milley bevestig hy het aan China gesê hy sal bel voor die Amerikaanse aanval, beweer Esper het oproepe op grond van intel

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Milley het aantygings aangespreek wat hy gehou het "geheim" oproepe met sy Chinese eweknie, Genl. Li Zuocheng van die People's Liberation Army, In Oktober 2020 en dae ná die Capitol-oproer in Januarie 2021, wat ingesluit was...

LeBron James’ success based on era he’s playing in, Rasheed Wallace says

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Wallace, a four-time All-Star who played from 1995 aan 2013, appeared in a recent episode of "Million Dollaz Worth of Game" and said James wouldn’t have been as successful. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . "...

Rattlesnakes change their rattle frequency based on nearby threats, 'n studie bevind

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Have you ever heard a rattlesnake rattling up close? It turns out the venomous reptiles change the frequency of their rattle the closer humans get to them, according to a new study published Thursday in Current Biol...

Atlanta mother alleges Black students were assigned to elementary school classes based on race

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A mother in Atlanta has filed a civil rights complaint with the US Department of Education alleging her children's elementary school placed Black students in separate classrooms from their peers based on their race....

Ingraham: Demokrate’ agenda is based on fear

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"The young people, they're always the ones paying the steepest price in the twisted world they're creating," sy het gese. "When kids need clarity and objective truth, schools teach gender confusion and racial animosity,...

‘Suidpark’ creators ink deal to renew the show, produce 14 movies based on the characters

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The pact also renews "Suidpark" as a series for Comedy Central through its 30th season in 2027. Bloomberg News reported that the deal was valued at $ 900 million over the six-year term. That’s an eye-popping numbe...

China claims US report on coronavirus origins based on ‘concocted lies and distorted facts

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"The relevant report, totally based on the concocted lies and distorted facts without providing any evidence, is not credible or scientific," a spokesperson for China’s Foreign Ministry department said in a statement...

Jennifer Aniston on vaccines: ‘A lot of opinions don’t feel based in anything except fear

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Jennifer Aniston keeps her people close but her vaccinated people closer. In a new interview with In Style, the actress admitted she's been strict about keeping vaccinated company in her circle, noting in the proce...

DeSantis blasts CDC for K-12 mask recommendation: ‘It isn’t based in science

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CDC Director Rochelle Walensky on Tuesday cited an increase in COVID-19 cases from the delta variant for the changes, which also recommend some vaccinated individuals to resume wearing masks in certain situations to ...

Republican-led states blast California travel ban based on their LGBTQ policies

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Bonta, 'n demokraat, announced on Monday that five states had been added to the list of 17 states where California-employee travel is forbidden due to laws targeting transgender athletes. The list now includes Florida,...

Kaliforniese universiteit hou addisionele gradeplegtighede vir studente op grond van ras, seksuele oriëntasie

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Benewens die belangrikste aanvangsplegtigheid vir alle studente, die private universiteit sal nog minstens ses seremonies aanbied, wat opsioneel is. In 'n berig op die Instagram-bladsy van die universiteit word gesê dat die skool sal hou ...

‘Madness of Crowds’ author rips doctors calling for medical care based on race: ‘Absolutely despicable

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UNIVERSITY PROFESSORS HIT BACK AGAINST OPPONENTS OF CRITICAL RACE THEORY DOUGLAS MURRAY: It’s unbelievable except for anyone who’s followed what critical race theory is trying to do and the extent to which it is just...

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