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Regstreekse opdaterings: Americans flying for Thanksgiving holiday as protesters in California bash Newsom’s orders

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close Video Outrage grows over coronavirus lockdown double standards Lisa Boothe, Charlie Kirk and Matt Gaetz join 'Then Next Revolution' with reaction. Millions of Americans bought plane tickets to travel some...

Protestors take to the streets in California to bash Newsom’s curfew orders

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close Video Will COVID-19 vaccines be safe when available? President and CEO of Biotechnology Innovation Organization Dr. Michelle McMurry-Heath weighs in on 'America's News HQ.' Protesters across California to...

Brooklyn Dems spotted at crowded birthday bash amid coronavirus surge

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close Video New York City returns to all-remote learning, sparking outrage from parents Fox News correspondent Laura Ingle reports on ‘Fox News @ Night with Shannon Bream.' Prominent Brooklyn Democrats are comi...

GOP-senator, Biden both mispronounce ‘Kamala’ — but media bash only the Republican

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close Video Biden careful not to ignore progressive priorities Democratic nominee campaigns in Michigan while Harris forced off the trail; Peter Doocy berig. Journalists piled on Sen. David Perdue, R-Ga., aan ...

Keith Olbermann walks away from ESPN gig to bash Trump on daily YouTube show

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close Video The ‘Clarion-Ledger’ fights back after Keith Olbermann criticized its story about a hunter killing a rare white turkey Liberal pundit Keith Olbermann announced on Tuesday that he would exit ESPN be...

Biden refuses to bash Trump Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett in debate

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close Video Supreme Court nominee Judge Barrett continues meeting with senators Democratic nominee Joe Biden took the high road in regards to President Trump's controversial Supreme Court nominee, Judge Amy Co...