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New batch of transcripts from Mueller investigation released

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CNN has received the Justice Department's 11th disclosure of major witness interview memos from the Mueller investigation, giving new insight into some of the most consequential investigative steps taken by the FBI ...

Organizers look to build off momentum and turn out a new batch of young voters in Georgia’s runoffs

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Rebecca Spoor was too young to vote in the general election. The 17-year-old Georgian thought she would have to wait until the next election cycle to cast her first ballot. Ma ora, with her state's runoff elections...

Hiland Dairy recalls batch of chocolate milk, saying it may contain food-grade sanitizers

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A batch of chocolate milk has been recalled after it was discovered that some could contain food-grade sanitizers. Hiland Dairy is recalling half-pint, 1% low fat, chocolate milk, sold in small cartons, produced in ...

'Guerre stellari: The Bad Batchcooks up more animated action for May the 4th

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Prima "Il Mandaloriano" made its debut, animated series carried the "Guerre stellari" banner on TV, keeping hope alive. The franchise returns to those roots with "Guerre stellari: The Bad Batch," a fun if not particularly dist...

Bugs found in batch of Lisa Vanderpump’s wine: rapporto

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Bugs were recently found in a 2018 batch of the reality star’s Vanderpump Rosé. Photos obtained by Page Six show what appear to be earwigs in the contaminated bottles, which arrived at a Las Vegas liquor store and we...

Jada Pinkett Smith reveals she passed out on ‘Nutty Professorset from ‘bad batch of ecstasy

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The co-host, 49, revealed she started drinking in high school and when alcohol wasn't enough, starting mixing it with ecstasy and weed. "I was drinking hard in high school too, and when I got out here, I was doing co...