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Tommy Davis, 2-time NL batting champion with Dodgers, dood by 83

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He died Sunday night in Phoenix, the Dodgers announced Monday without providing a cause. They were informed of his death by his daughter, Morgana. Davis was an athletic standout at Boys High School in Brooklyn, waar ...

MLB .244 batting average worst since ’68, up after crackdown

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MLB’s stricter enforcement had the desired impact, ending a run of 12 consecutive full seasons in which strikeouts had set records annually. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . From opening day through June 2,...

Turner, Gurriel win batting titles in boom-and-bust season

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Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels was a singular sensation with a superlative two-way season, unmatched even by Babe Ruth. Turner hit .328 to top defending NL batting champion Juan Soto of Washington, who hit ....

Batting title races jumbled as MLB season winds down

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Vladimir Guerrero Jr.. leads the majors in hitting with a .321 gemiddeld, and Trea Turner is atop the National League at .316. According to, the only time the leaders in both leagues were at .325 ...

MLB batting average jumps 7 points with substance crackdown

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The season average is the lowest through June since it was .233 in 1968, the Elias Sports Bureau said Thursday. That was the last season before the pitcher's mound was lowered. Hitters batted .232 in April and .239 ek ...

MLB .236 batting average though May lowest since 1968

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Hitters batted .239 in Mei, vanaf .232 in April and the lowest average for May since .237 in 1972, the Elias Sports Bureau said Tuesday. Die .236 average for the season through May 31 is the lowest since .229 in 19...