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Kentucky doctor who urged mask-wearing early on dies after 4-month battle with Covid-19

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A Kentucky doctor who urged people to wear masks early on in the coronavirus pandemic died after battling the disease for four months. Dott. Rebecca Shadowen was 62 years old when she died on September 11 at the Medi...

‘The Challengestar Ashley Cain reveals 8-month-old baby is dead after a battle with leukemia

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Di domenica, the reality star and his wife, Safiyya Vorajee, took to social media to confirm that their baby girl, Azaylia Diamond, had died months after welcoming her in August. "Rest In Paradise Princess 👼🏼🌈 I will ...

Palestinians describe fight against a West Bank settlement as an existential battle. Jewish settlers say the same

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Beita, West Bank A small boy sits on a hillside in the occupied West Bank. Like the adults around him, he trains a green laser beam on a group of prefabricated housing units on a hilltop a few hundred meters away. It ...

Lady Gaga heartbroken over Tony Bennett’s battle with Alzheimers

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Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett's friendship over the past decade is a joy to witness for their fans. The singers have a lot to celebrate after they were nominated for six Grammy Awards on Tuesday for their Cole Porter t...

Republicans gear up for Supreme Court confirmation battle

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The upcoming Supreme Court showdown in the 50-50 Senate will happen after Breyer steps down at the end of the court’s term early this summer. Senate Republicans and conservative political groups are preparing to push...

Il filmato dei droni mostra come i russi abbiano distrutto una città ucraina in una battaglia selvaggia

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Un video di 22 minuti girato da un drone di sorveglianza sulla città ucraina di Popasna ha illustrato la straordinaria distruzione inflitta agli insediamenti nelle regioni orientali di Luhansk e Donetsk. È anche...

Jeff Bridges gives update in his battle with cancer

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Jeff Bridges is thanking everyone who has supported him since he shared his lymphoma diagnosis. Di giovedì, the acclaimed actor posted on his verified social media accounts a photo of himself posing in a hospital ...

Illinois ‘Battle Buddyprogram sends cops with military background to respond to veterans in crisis

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So instead of sending in social workers, a pioneering Illinois police program designed to aid despondent and suicidal veterans deploys officers who have military backgrounds of their own to 911 calls about vets in cr...

Kathy Griffin avvistata a Los Angeles dopo aver aggiornato i fan sulla salute in mezzo alla battaglia contro il cancro

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Il comico, 60, era vestito casualmente con una maglietta stampata, pantaloni grigi e scarpe da ginnastica. Indossava una maschera e occhiali da sole, ma i suoi caratteristici capelli rossi erano sciolti. Griffin è stata estremamente aperta e cruda riguardo alla sua vigilia di cancro...

Nigel Farage: Brexit battle showed both parties ‘sing the same songabout populism ‘without meaning it

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Farage, who resigned as leader in March and was succeeded by developer Richard Tice in the now-monikered Reform UK Party, detto "Tucker Carlson oggi" the Brexit movement and its electoral success revealed more than e...

Member of Ukrainian parliament vows to fight as the battle in Kiev rages ‘everywhere

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SVIATOSLAV YURASH: The battle is happening everywhere now in Kyiv. intendo, I'm hearing plenty of shooting happening on the streets and believe me, I'm not the only member of parliament who is joining the fight. Yeste...

Gabbard says ‘responsibleUS energy independence is possible, as left and right battle over bans

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Su "Hannity," host Sean Hannity floated the idea that Democrats should press Biden to retroactively re-approve the Keystone XL pipeline, which he said would send nearly 1 million barrels of Canadian oil into the U.S....

Un'altra battaglia che i texani affrontano mentre affrontano il clima invernale: Problemi idrici

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Mentre milioni di persone in tutto il Texas combattono interruzioni di corrente e temperature gelide durante la massiccia tempesta invernale, un elemento si è rivelato particolarmente problematico -- acqua. Che sia troppa o troppo poca acqua, alta pressione ...

Primo test: Il 2021 Ford Bronco è tornato a combattere Jeep

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Il 2021 Ford Bronco segna la prima competizione diretta che Jeep Wrangler ha affrontato da decenni. Ford Bronco, Foto del Texas: James Lipman /

ABC, CBS, NBC evening newscasts offer ‘lopsidedcoverage of Dems, GOP lawmakers amid spending battle: studia

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Examining 30 stories that aired from Sept. 23 to Oct. 10, Democrats trounced Republicans in terms of the number of soundbites by a 115-16 count margin, according to analysis by the Media Research Center. "sì, viewe...

Lindsey Vonn opens up about her depression battle: ‘I realized something was really wrong’

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The 37-year-old is the most successful female ski racer of all time with 82 World Cup victories. But these days, she’s celebrating a new triumph. After going public with her decades-long battle with depression in 201...