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The focus on 2020 could cost Republicans in this battleground state

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Donald Trump didn't name names in his recent statement, demanding that a taxpayer-funded probe of the 2020 election in Wisconsin continue past its expiration date. But his target and message were clear. Un giorno dopo ...

Guerra in Ucraina: Kyiv transforms surgical hospital into battleground medical facility

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Dermatologists and cardiologists now assist with triaging wounded patients arriving from artillery and rocket barrages as the hospital sits within 10 miles of the battleground, the paper noted. The staff are numb to...

Plans to close all but one polling place in a rural Georgia county reverberate through a battleground state

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Election officials in a rural Georgia county are weighing plans to close all but one polling place ahead of this year's elections, alarming local voting and civil rights groups. But Wednesday's vote by the Lincoln ...

Republicans in key battleground states renew efforts to write new rules for future elections and sow doubts about the last one

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Nel Michigan, a group of Donald Trump's supporters is working on a petition to mandate an outside audit of the 2020 election and establish a grand jury with the power to arrest election officials who refuse to cooper...

How school board meetings turned into a battleground over America’s kids in 2021

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The battle over critical race theory (CRT) had started emerging at least since last year as Loudoun County, Virginia, parents criticized the district's equity materials. While other districts in the U.S. had dealt wi...

Trump returns to key battleground state of Iowa for first time since 2020

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Iowa is also the state whose caucuses for the past half-century have kicked off the presidential nomination calendar, and Trump's stop is sparking more speculation he'll make another White House run in 2024. TRUMP RE...

Biden and Harris to visit Georgia, a battleground that paved way for agenda

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Atlanta Democratic voters in Georgia may have helped deliver Joe Biden's long quest to win the White House, but they take even prouder ownership of their critical role in cementing an early chapter of his legacy thro...

Trump chiede alla Corte Suprema di invalidare milioni di voti negli stati campo di battaglia

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Il presidente Donald Trump ha chiesto mercoledì alla Corte Suprema di bloccare milioni di voti da quattro stati campo di battaglia che hanno votato per il presidente eletto Joe Biden. La richiesta di Trump è arrivata in un deposito presso il tribunale chiedendo t ...