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Guards stayed at Baylor, paving way for Drew’s dream title

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Yet a title felt oh-so-reachable for All-American guard Jared Butler and his backcourt mates MaCio Teague and Davion Mitchell last season, after the Bears set a Big 12 record with 23 consecutive wins while spending f...

Scott Drew’s vow upon coming to Baylor in 2003 resurfaces as team wins first national title

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Baylor had been engulfed in controversy at the start of the Drew era. Carlton Dotson was arrested and later convicted of murdering teammate Patrick Dennehy. Former coach Dave Bliss was found to have made improper pay...

Baylor beats Gonzaga for first NCAA men’s basketball championship

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Jared Butler led Baylor with 22 punte. He added seven assists and three rebounds as well. MaCio Teague scored 19 points and Davion Mitchell added 15 points in the victory. Matthew Mayer had 13 points off the bench....

Gonzaga looking for history, Baylor hoping for first title as NCAA men’s basketball championship is set

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It’s a matchup months in the making. Gonzaga and Baylor were supposed to do battle on Dec. 5 when the Bulldogs were No. 1 and the Bears were No. 2. But Baylor had some coronavirus issues at the start of the season fo...

Baylor University wins first of the men’s Final Four games

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Baylor University will play for the NCAA men's basketball title after it beat the University of Houston on Saturday 78-59. Baylor will face the winner of the Gonzaga-UCLA game.

Elgin Baylor, former Lakers star, sterf by 86

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Basketball Hall of Famer Elgin Baylor died from natural causes Monday, according to the Los Angeles Lakers. Baylor, who played for the Lakers for 14 seasons and was an All-Star 11 keer, was 86. "Elgin was the love...