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European countries believed that Germany would always have spare ICU beds for them. Now they’re almost full

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Potsdam, Germany Germany was seen as a beacon for other European countries during the first coronavirus wave and hailed for one of the world's best health care systems. But it is now beginning to struggle with more s...

Los Angeles may run out of hospital beds by Christmas as mayor urges residents to ‘cancel everything

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The mayor of Los Angeles said the city will run out of hospital beds by Christmas if the coronavirus spreads at its current rate as he urged residents to "cancel everything" to help stop the spread of the virus. Res ...

California hospital beds are filling up and doctors and nurses are just worn out

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Vroeër die jaar, medical facilities in California were tested by the emerging coronavirus pandemic -- but now things are different, a top hospital official told CNN on Monday. Doctors and nurses back then were wor...

Die rekordgetal kinders is in grenspatrolliebewaring en skuilbeddens is skaars, dokumente toon

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Die aantal onbegeleide migrerende kinders in Amerikaanse grenspatrollie-fasiliteite, wat soortgelyk is aan tronkselle en nie vir kinders bedoel is nie, het dramatiese hoogtepunte bereik, volgens dokumente van die interne agentskap wat deur CNN nagegaan is..

ICE detentions plunge under Biden, leaving thousands of empty beds

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The administration currently has in custody some 19,000 unaccompanied children and it released almost 60% of migrant families encountered at the border in February. Yet Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) betaal ...

Athletes to sleep on ‘anti-sex’ cardboard beds at Olympic Games amid COVID

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The world’s best sports competitors are set to spend their nights on cardboard beds — allegedly designed to collapse under the weight of fornicators to discourage sex amid COVID-19. NOVAK DJOKOVIC POSTS HE IS IN FOR ...

Olympian Rhys McClenaghan puts so-called anti-sex beds to the test

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McClenaghan, 21, posted a video of himself in his room at the Olympic Village on Saturday and jumped on the bed to prove it isn’t going to break with any sudden movements. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . ...

Arkansas het nie meer intensiewe sorgbeddens vir COVID-pasiënte nie: 'krities’

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Die staat se ICU-kapasiteit vir COVID-pasiënte het skaars ure ná Hutchinson se aankondiging verslap, met slegs een hospitaal in die suidooste van Arkansas wat beskikbaarheid toon, volgens die staat se stelsel vir koördinering van koro...

Covid-19 hospitalizations are rising in Colorado, which has fewer than 100 open ICU beds

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Minder as 100 intensive care unit beds are available across Colorado, the state's Covid-19 incident commander said during a Friday news conference. "Van vandag af, looking at the data that is reported by the hospita...

As pandemic fills hospital beds, paramedics spend more time moving patients and less on emergencies

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Gunnison, ColoradoThe night after Thanksgiving, a small ambulance service that covers a huge swath of southwestern Colorado got a call that a patient needed an emergency transfer from the hospital in Gunnison to a la...