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Biden doesn’t deny report of US handing over names of Americans to Taliban: ‘There may have been

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"There have been occasions where our military has contacted their military counterparts in the Taliban and said this bus is coming through...made up of the following group...let it through," ha detto il presidente. "sì,...

Cicadas take over the Capitol grounds, ‘Cicada, cicada. Where have you been?’

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Especially when it’s cicada season. The Brood X cicadas are now in full force along the Eastern Seaboard. Especially Washington, DC. E, even more specifically, around the U.S. Campidoglio. Infatti, you may not even ha...

Robert Griffin III throws jab at Kirk Cousins: He’s ‘been collecting checksfor a long time

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Robert Griffin III, who shared the same quarterback room with Cousins in Washington, believes Mond is a serious threat to steal the starting job in Minnesota. CLICCA QUI PER MAGGIORE COPERTURA SPORTIVA . "I could tell you...

'Laurea breve’ alum Colton Underwood comes out as gay: ‘I’m the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been

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The 29-year-old reality star sat down with "Buon giorno America" host Robin Roberts in an interview that aired Wednesday. "Obviously this year's been a lot for a lot of people, and it's probably made a lot of people...