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Nicole Kidman, Javier Bardem talk playing Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz in ‘Being the Ricardos

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The duo stars in the upcoming movie from writer Aaron Sorkin that details a particularly eventful week in the life of the couple who were married on-screen and off while working on the show "I Love Lucy" van 1951 aan ...

Rush Limbaugh onthou deur 'Bo Snerdley': 'Ongelooflike mens’ wie se nalatenskap voortduur

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Soos hy in sy nuwe boek geskryf het "Haas op die radio," Golden het vertel hoe hy en Limbaugh se paaie in New York City gekruis het voor hul blywende vriendskap en saamwerk. "My agtergrond en Rush's het 'n interessante gelykenis gehad..

Prins Harry het gevoel dat hy 'uit die familie uitgevee word' ná koningin Elizabeth se foto-snuffel, boek eise

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Die bewering is gemaak deur topverkoperskrywer Christopher Andersen in sy nuwe boek wat Dinsdag vrygestel word, getiteld "Broers en Vrouens: Binne die private lewens van William, Kate, Harry, en Meghan." Daarin, Andersen ...

See Nicole Kidman as Lucille Ball in first trailer for ‘Being the Ricardos

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Nicole Kidman has made some dramatic character transformations as an actor it appears she's pulled it off again. "I get paid a fortune to do exactly what I love doing," Kidman says as Lucille Ball the first trailer ...

Emmys 2021: Kerry Washington vereer wyle Michael K. Williams as 'briljant talentvol', vrygewige mens '

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"Michael was - dit is mal om te sê 'was' - was 'n briljante talentvolle akteur en 'n vrygewige mens wat ons heeltemal te vroeg verlaat het," het sy Sondag gesê terwyl sy die benoemdes vir beste manlike byrol in 'n Drama S aangebied het..

Biden urges Taliban to provide for ‘well beingof Afghans

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Biden said that the U.S. has set up processing stations in third countries, "working with more than two dozen countries across four continents." When planes take off from Kabul, they go to U.S. military bases and the...

Caitlyn Jenner says America must move forward with ‘love of countryand ‘being a patriot

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Jenner noted that in her lifetime, pride in America and the American flag has changed, but she still considers herself a patriot. "I’ve seen through the years the deterioration of our flag, of our love of country," ...

Leslie Jordan on LGBTQ+ Pride: ‘Being proud of who you area ‘wonderful thing to celebrate

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The 66-year-old Emmy award-winning actor is coming out of quarantine with a new New York Times best-selling book, a new gospel album celebrating his Christian roots, and a renewed season of FOX’s 'Call Me Kat.' "Give...

Jennifer Aniston sê sy is 'op 'n baie rustige plek’ na 'baie terapie': Ek is 'n 'geseënde mens’

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Die 52-jarige het oopgemaak oor hoe haar lewe vandag is. Die aktrise het gesê dat sy gelukkig omring word deur haar vriende, asook haar geliefde honde - schnauzer mengsel Clyde, pit-bull-mengsel Sophie en pas geredde Great P ...

Colton Underwood calls Chris Harrison a ‘grade A human beingafter ‘Bachelor’ vertrek

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Die vorige "Bachelor" lei, who recently came out as gay, posted a tribute to Harrison on his Instagram Story on Tuesday. "Grade A human being. Thank you for being a friend, a stand up guy, and a hell of a host. Can'...

Actress Rose McGowan shakes Democrats for being in ‘deep cult’: Your personal freedom is ‘being controlled’

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"I am not here to make people feel bad about their political choices," she told host Tammy Bruce. "But I am here to say that you might be in a cult too if you don’t know the signs. And I do believe Democrats, most es...

Ann-Margret reflects on ‘Viva Las Vegas,’ visiting troops in Vietnam: ‘Being with them has been in my heart’

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The 79-year-old recently attended the 24th Family Film Awards where she was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Die stêr, who was once billed as the female version of Elvis Presley, has carved out her own su...

Tomi Lahren blasts ‘vile excuse for a human beingMaxine Waters for ‘inciting violencein Minnesota

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LAHREN: All the left has been wanting to talk about for the last several months is January 6, a single day. Let's recall that Donald Trump was deplatformed from all of social media for encouraging his supporters to p...

Jessica Krug’s sister-in-law says they found out from the media that she lied about being Black

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A family member of the George Washington University professor who revealed that she had been lying about being Black for years says they're outraged. University officials have said Jessica Krug will no longer teach ...