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‘The Power of the Dogstars Benedict Cumberbatch in a tense slow-burn western

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"The Power of the Dog" is such a delicately constructed movie as to almost defy the ability to review it without saying too much. Keeping the audience off balance, writer-director Jane Campion creates a slow, ominou...

GOP candidate slams ‘Benedict Milley’: Report amounts to ‘coup against a sitting president

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Teddy Daniels, a wounded veteran of the war in Afghanistan, vertel "Tucker Carlson Vanaand" the allegations in Robert Costa and Robert Woodward's book "Gevaar" amount to treason if true. He blamed the Beltway establishm...

Benedict Cumberbatch weeg die reguit akteurs in gay rolle voor 'Power of the Dog'’ vrylating

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Benedict Cumberbatch speel 'n seksueel onderdrukte cowboy in die 1920's -- toe homoseksualiteit wyd gestigmatiseer is en op baie plekke, gekriminaliseer -- in die komende Netflix -film "Die krag van die hond." Cumberbatch,...

Hannity noem die voormalige minister van buitelandse sake as 'Benedict Kerry’

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HANNITEIT: Voormalige minister van buitelandse sake, Mike Pompeo, glo hy dat die Iranse diplomaat Zarif gereeld buite die loop van die regerende faksies van Iran kan wees., het min krag, lê gereeld. Wat beteken, selfs John Kerry s'n ...

‘The Mauritanianstar Benedict Cumberbatch calls on Joe Biden to close down Guantanamo Bay

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The actor produced the drama and portrays Lt. Colonel Stuart Couch. "The Mauritanian" is based on the memoir by real-life Guantanamo Bay prisoner Mohamedou Ould Slahi, who was suspected of organizing the 9/11 attacks...

‘The Courierdelivers Benedict Cumberbatch in a taut Cold War thriller

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Anyone with a taste for Cold War dramas will find an intriguing addition to their cinematic library with "The Courier," a fact-based story featuring Benedict Cumberbatch as a Hitchcockian everyman who becomes the un...

Pope Francis and former Pope Benedict get first dose of Covid-19 vaccine

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Rome Pope Francis and former Pope Benedict have received the first dose of a coronavirus vaccine, the Vatican said Thursday. Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni said in a statement that he was "able to confirm that withi...