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Phil Collins remains seated during Berlin concert months after revealing he can no longer play the drums

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El cantante, quién es 71, joined bandmates Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks. While he entertained with his vocals, concertgoers were reminded of his declining health as he remained seated in a chair throughout the perform...

Vivek Ramaswamy: ‘This is the 1936 Berlin Olympics all over again

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REPUBLICANS BLAST BIDEN 'DIPLOMATIC BOYCOTT' OF OLYMPICS AS TOO MEAGER VIVEK RAMASWAMY: It's corporate hypocrisy. Either you care about social justice or you don’t, but you can’t have it both ways. I think the facts ...

Russian diplomat found dead on street outside Berlin embassy

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Berlin A Russian diplomat found dead on the sidewalk outside the embassy in Berlin last month is believed by German authorities to have been a secret agent for a Russian intelligence agency, Der Spiegel magazine repo...

Union Berlin apologizes over anti-Semitic incidents at match against Maccabi Haifa

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German soccer club Union Berlin has apologized after anti-Semitic incidents were reported during the UEFA Europa Conference League match against Israeli team Maccabi Haifa on Thursday. A group of German Maccabi Haif...

China niega la entrada de buques de guerra alemanes al puerto, Berlín dice

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Berlín: China ha negado la entrada a un puerto a un buque de guerra alemán en una misión al impugnado Mar de China Meridional., un portavoz del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de Alemania dijo el miércoles. El barco involucrado es la fragata Bayern, los radios ...

Kaley Cuoco enjoys night out in Berlin with friends after divorce announcement

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She was snapped heading into a hotel while donning a casual look that included a purple tie-dye shirt and black pants and then was later spotted hopping into a car to take in the nightlife. Cuoco smiled at the camera...

Mark Levin outlines origins of ‘American Marxism’: Exported from Berlin, ‘radicalizedon campus

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Levin also laid out how movements like the "de-growth Green New Deal" and critical race theory are the venues of choice through which proponents seek to install this system of governance. He told anchor Bret Baier th...

Berlin zoo says its polar bear cub’s parents were brother and sister

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Genetic testing has revealed that a baby polar bear at Tierpark Berlin zoo is the product of breeding between siblings. A clerical error meant that a female polar bear, Tonja, born at Moscow Zoo, was listed as the...

Más que 350 arrested at May Day protests in Berlin

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Por lo menos 93 police officers were injured and 354 people arrested in Berlin during Labor Day protests on Saturday. Berlin city official Andreas Geisel condemned the violence on Sunday, saying it had "nothing to do w...