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Shanna Moakler on Kourtney Kardashian, ex Travis Barker’s wedding: 'Ek wens hulle die beste toe’

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"I wish them the best. They both look truly happy and I am pleased and excited for them as they embark on this new journey," Moakler told Fox News Digital in a statement on Monday. Kardashian and Barker are officiall...

‘Chrisley Knows Beststars to stand trial in Atlanta

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The trial is getting underway just days after E! announced it is moving forward with a new dating series, "Love Limo," hosted by Todd Chrisley and weeks after the announcement that reality shows "Chrisley Knows Best"...

Why Kevin Millar believes David Ortiz is best player in Red Sox history, reveals ‘Big Papiwanted trade

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Kevin Millar, who partnered with Twisted Tea to unveil its new Sweet Cherry Lime flavor, explained to Fox News Digital in a recent interview just how important Ortiz was to the team. Millar said general manager Theo ...

Kevin Millar says Red Sox fans singing ‘Sweet Carolineone of best traditions in sports: ‘Nothing better

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Millar played for the Red Sox from 2003 aan 2005. In die 2004 ALCS against the Yankees, he hit .250 met 'n .754 OPS and scored four runs. The World Series champion got truly acclimated to the timeless tradition of the...

‘Ozarkcements its place among Netflix’s best dramas with its final episodes

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For anyone inclined initially to dismiss "Ozark" as "Breaking Bad Lite," the Netflix drama has exceeded all expectations, steadily building toward a final run reinforcing the idea that getting into business with ver...

Republicans welcome Biden to campaign trail, as Dems wish GOP ‘the best of luckahead of the midterms

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A Biden adviser told Fox News Thursday that the president is ramping up for the midterm elections—rolling out endorsements for Democrats, hitting the campaign trail for fundraisers, underscoring his agenda, and worki...

UBS beats Wall Street rivals with best profit in 15 jare

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ZurichUBS (UBS) posted its best first-quarter net profit in 15 years on Tuesday with a 17% jump on the back of strong trading, upending expectations for a fall amidst uncertainties over the war in Ukraine. Die $ 2.1...

Tyson Fury beloof om uit professionele boks te tree en noem homself die 'beste swaargewig wat daar nog ooit was’

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Tyson Fury het belowe om uit professionele boks te tree nadat hy 'n meesterklas opgelewer het om Dillian Whyte Saterdag by die Wembley-stadion te klop. Die 33-jarige het sy teenstander in die sesde ronde met 'n verwoestende voorsprong uitgestof..

Best smart LED lights for the money

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Moving into a new place, I had to either hire an electrician to install the kitchen’s under-counter lights or try to do it myself with smart lights. I opted for saving money and getting my tech hands dirty. But it's...

These are the 10 best new car deals today

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Several very mainstream models like the Kia Telluride and Sorrento SUVs have been selling with markups of 20% en meer. Even the cheapest car in America, the Chevrolet Spark, is in hot demand, with shoppers willing t...

Four of the NFL’s best quarterbacks feature in latest edition of ‘The Match

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Looking forward to seeing Tom Brady in action? The wait is nearly over -- wel, on a golf course at least. Seven-time Super Bowl champion Brady will be paired with three-time MVP Aaron Rodgers as they face 2018 MVP ...

Why Good Friday offers ‘the best news everfor Easter and always

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Jesus willingly entered into his crucifixion, with the apostle Paul calling Christ’s death, burial and resurrection of "first importance" to Christianity’s saving gospel (1 Korintiërs 15:3-4). HOLY WEEK FOR CHRISTI...

Draymond Green says the 2016 Warriors were the ‘best team ever’ despite losing in the Finals

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Ten spyte daarvan, Warriors’ future Hall of Fame power forward Draymond Green said that team was still the best team ever on the Draymond Green Show with Volume Sports. An all-time great team, but that’s a bold and also w...

Tigers Woods’ 20 best inspirational quotes and life lessons

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Woods is playing professional golf again in April 2022 after suffering devastating leg injuries in a car crash in Los Angeles more than a year ago. THE MASTERS 2022: LIVE UPDATES However, in the quotes included belo...

‘He has it allhe is the complete forward’: Karim Benzema continues to stake claim to being world’s best player

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Even before Karim Benzema had sealed his hat-trick against Chelsea just 30 seconds into the second half on Wednesday, the adulation had already long been pouring in. The Frenchman's third goal, a gift from Blues kee...

[object Window]’ in die 2022 NFL-konsep

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