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‘Minarijust won best foreign-language film. The director feared he’d have to make the movie in English

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If it weren't for a producer's persistence, the movie that won best foreign-language film at the Golden Globes might have been made in English instead. "Minaccioso" writer-director Lee Isaac Chung told CNN in a recent i...

The best way to say ‘I love youis to stay away

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Some say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but it also keeps you safer, according to the latest guidelines from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Mail love letters, send roses or deliver chocola...

Here are the best Super Bowl commercials

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On Super Bowl Sunday, there's one thing that matters almost just as much as the football: the commercials. And this year, they delivered. Though some popular brands were notably absent -- like Budweiser, which chos...

Abbiamo condiviso la nostra carne con i lupi e sono diventati i nostri migliori amici

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Ad alcuni proprietari di cani piace dare da mangiare ai loro animali domestici bocconcini dal tavolo -- e questa amichevole abitudine potrebbe aver avuto un ruolo nell'addomesticamento dei cani alla fine dell'ultima era glaciale, dicono gli scienziati. Storicamente, umani e wol ...

Aiuto! C'è un sigillo nel mio tapis roulant! Le migliori foto di salvataggio di animali dell'anno dalla RSPCA

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Non è un segreto quello 2020 è stato un anno schifoso per molti di noi -- ma un'organizzazione britannica per il benessere degli animali, la RSPCA, ha condiviso alcune foto che potrebbero farti sorridere. La RSPCA ha pubblicato la sua lista degli ye ...

Robert Lewandowski e Lucy Bronze sono stati nominati giocatori dell'anno ai Best FIFA Football Awards

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Robert Lewandowski e Lucy Bronze sono stati nominati rispettivamente giocatore maschile e femminile dell'anno ai Best FIFA Football Awards giovedì. L'attaccante del Bayern Monaco Lewandowski ha eliminato la concorrenza di Lionel Me ...

This is the best map of the 2020 election you’ll see

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Maps -- especially in politics -- can be misleading. Especially when you are talking national elections. Witness President Donald Trump's favorite map: The county-by-county results of his 2016 election win.

Babbo Natale socialmente distante è la cosa migliore che accada a Natale

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I lati positivi della pandemia sono stati pochi e rari -- per alcuni pendolari di lavoro ridotti, nessuno zio razzista al Ringraziamento e ora Babbo Natale socialmente distante. Per tutti voi che vi strappate i capelli per non essere in grado ....

Diari pandemici: Perché l'inserimento nel journal ora è il momento migliore per iniziare o riavviare

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David G. Allan è il direttore editoriale di CNN Travel, Stile, Scienza e benessere. Questo saggio fa parte di una colonna chiamata The Wisdom Project, a cui puoi iscriverti qui. Stai vivendo in un periodo straordinario ...

Influencers are using their clout and getting paid to promote Covid best practices for New Jersey

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Consider it a uniquely 2020 public service announcement. A woman in a pretty yet understated dress. The wind catches her perfectly curled blonde hair as she stands in front of a gleaming car and aspirational home. T ...

The best of Netflix’s charmingly bad holiday romcoms

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Coronavirus, blocchi, economic woes and a dramatic political divide have all made 2020 pretty unbearable. Così, let's thank Netflix for a few winter romcoms to take our minds off real life. The streaming service ev...

For Stacey Abrams, revenge is a dish best served blue

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Atlanta Whether or not Joe Biden holds his narrow lead and becomes the first Democratic presidential candidate to win Georgia in 28 anni, much of the credit for his showing here is going to someone who wasn't on the...

This is the best possible argument to vote for Donald Trump

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Di domenica, for the first time since 1972, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette endorsed a Republican for president. And not just any Republican: Donald J. briscola. Which is certainly a zag -- as virtually every newspaper edito...

This is Joe Biden’s best electoral path

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A big question heading into this cycle was whether Democrats' best path to winning back the White House ran through the Sunbelt or the Great Lakes (i.e. Rust Belt). While we won't know for certain which pathway was ...

Love or hate ‘Emily in Paris,’ Parisians say these shows and films best reflect their city

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"Emily in Paris" has drawn harsh criticism from some French viewers who say the Netflix comedy series plays up dated clichés about life in city of lights. Così, the language learning service Babbel surveyed more than...

Rolling Stone places Marvin Gaye at the top of its new, less rock heavy list of the best albums ever

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Seventeen years after first publishing "500 Greatest Albums of All Time," Rolling Stone magazine announced that it is giving the list a major update, making it "less rock-centric" nel processo. "When we first pub...