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Penny Hardaway sees Larry Brown helping make Memphis better

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"I've always wanted to be around greatness," Hardaway said Monday after Brown's first practice as his assistant. "It doesn't mean that I didn't know anything myself. It's just iron sharpens iron. ... That's why I kep...

Fauci: US Covid-19 vaccine distribution will ‘get better very quickly

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Washington Dr. Anthony Fauci vowed Monday evening that US Covid-19 vaccine distribution will "get better very quickly" as the Biden administration rolls out a series of measures aimed at ramping up inoculation. "Obv...

How to help siblings get along better

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Sibling rivalry is often taken as an unexamined fact of family life -- as much a part of parenting as potty training or bedtime stories. But experts say parents don't have to put up with the bickering and the fights...

This tiny dinosaur hunted in the dark and heard better than an owl

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With unusually large eyes and hair-trigger hearing, the tiny desert-dwelling dinosaur hunted its prey at night, offering more definitive evidence that dinosaurs weren't only active in the daytime. It's one of the f...

Heather Graham raak net beter

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Heather Graham tree al sedert haar tienerjare op, maar sy is nog nie naastenby klaar nie. Met dramatiese nuwe rolle, en 'n nuwe benadering tot haar werk, sy wil ons nog steeds verras. Tans, Graham kan gesien word in "Dwaal," in sele ...

Naomi Osaka stel voor 'beter’ perskonferensie-formaat, pro-atlete 'geestelike breek te gee’ van ondersoek

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Osaka se brief is in Time Magazine gepubliseer en volg nadat sy voor die Franse Ope gebuig het te midde van kritiek en strafdreigemente oor die beskikbaarheid van media wat met toernooie gepaardgaan.. Osaka, op die oomblik ...

Being a better listener for your loved ones might protect their brain health, studie bevind

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Can you count on anyone to listen to you when you need to talk? If so, your brain might be more resilient in the face of any future age- or disease-related changes, according to a study published Monday in the journ...

Women do better at mask wearing and other measures to stop spread of Covid-19, research suggests

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Wearing a mask, social distancing and washing hands regularly are the best ways we have to stop the spread of Covid-19. But when it comes to these crucial habits, it appears that women are more likely to be followi...

2020 was 'n verskriklike jaar vir Europa. 2021 sal waarskynlik nie veel beter wees nie

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Londen U sal sukkel om iemand in Europa te vind wat ongelukkig sal wees om die agterkant van te sien 2020. Covid-19, Die Brexit en die internasionale politieke bloedbad van vanjaar het die vasteland gehamer en die spanning vererger..

Giannis vows to get better, no telling how good he can be

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Ander tye, the Milwaukee Bucks forward struggles just to reach the rim with a shot from it. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Even with holes to fill in his game, Antetokounmpo is already among the best pl...

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez split and officially end their engagement: ‘We are better as friends

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A source close to Lopez confirmed to Fox News that she and the former MLB player are no longer moving forward with their marriage. The duo issued a joint statement to TODAY on Thursday, just weeks after reconciling. ...

Ben Domenech beklemtoon die Biden -administrasie: Behandeling van buitelandse wetsoortreders beter as die Amerikaanse volk

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BEN DOMENECH: As jy vanaand kyk, Ek vertrou dat u wawyd wakker is vir die uitdagings wat ons as 'n nasie voor ons lê. Weereens, ons konfronteer 'n out-of-touch elite wat ons in alle opsigte wil oorheers, al hou hulle vas ...

7 ways to snack better during the pandemic

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Chips, koekies, munchies: There is so much snacking going on. It's no shock that many of us reach for cookies, candy, chips and other indulgences during stressful times, whether it's due to the pandemic, the resulti...

Caitlyn Jenner surprised at media’s treatment of her campaign: ‘It’s been much better than I thought

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Jenner told Fox News at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that she was unsure at the start of her campaign how the media would cover her but described it as "much better" than she thought. The for...

‘Monstergets a belated Netflix showcase, but the cast is better than the movie

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"Monster" represents a minor coup for Netflix, not as much due to the movie's merits as who's in it. More than three years after its festival run in 2018, the film arrives with a timely theme and a cast whose stock ...

Rep. Donalds says CRT implies he’s ‘less than,’ doesn’t need left’s help to ‘make me feel better about myself

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"Our children are there to learn reading, skryfwerk, arithmetic, not to hate the country, not to hate the kid sitting next to the[m]… because the kid happens to be White, not because the kid is Black, like me when I wa...

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