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Why CNN is working to help you make life ‘better

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David G. Allan is the editorial director for CNN Travel, Style, Science and Wellness. If there's one thing you can count on to never change, it's that everything changes. How we respond and react to that truism can...

Want to study better? Just two minutes of exercise beforehand could help

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If you're feeling a bit sluggish today, just two minutes of exercise could give your brain a boost, a new study shows. Researchers from Jönköping University in Sweden analyzed a range of 13 studies into the effects ...

Penny Hardaway sees Larry Brown helping make Memphis better

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"I've always wanted to be around greatness," Hardaway said Monday after Brown's first practice as his assistant. "It doesn't mean that I didn't know anything myself. It's just iron sharpens iron. ... That's why I kep...

Dolly Parton looks back on her acting career: ‘I made a better whore than I did a secretary

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The 75-year-old country music star told McGraw that she always took acting parts that were "pretty close" to her own personality in the clip shared Tuesday. "I only take parts that are pretty close to my own personal...

Patriots will be better than last season with Mac Jones at quarterback, ex-NFL coach says

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Jones, the former coach of the Atlanta Falcons, has repeatedly said the former Alabama standout would be the rookie to watch for the upcoming NFL season. Going into Week 1, Mac Jones will be the starting quarterback ...

Too many Thanksgiving or Election Day disagreements? Here’s how to have a better argument

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America is ideologically split, and if the animosity over the 2020 election results is any indication, we may be fast losing the ability to bridge the divide. But is there be a way to reconnect? Could we learn how ...

Brady’s Bucs focused on getting better, repeating as champs

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are hoping to become the first team to repeat as Super Bowl champions since Brady’s 2003 y 2004 New England Patriots, and the 43-year-old quarterback doesn’t want teammates taking anything ...

Melissa Joan Hart reveals breakthrough COVID-19 diagnosis: ‘I just wish I’d done better’

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The actress took to Instagram on Wednesday to reveal her diagnosis. En el video, the 45-year-old said she likely caught the respiratory virus from one of her children. She shares three sons with husband Mark Wilkers...

Bob Odenkirk back to work on ‘Better Call Saulafter health scare

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Bob Odenkirk is letting fans know he's doing well and is back to work on "Better Call Saul." The actor took to Twitter from the makeup chair on set, escribiendo, "Back to work on Better Call Saul! So happy to be here an...

'Monstruo’ obtiene una presentación tardía de Netflix, pero el elenco es mejor que la película

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"Monstruo" representa un golpe menor para Netflix, no tanto por los méritos de la película como por quién está en ella. Más de tres años después de su festival en 2018, la película llega con un tema oportuno y un elenco cuyo stock ...

Songbirds evict some chicks, sacrificing them to give others a better chance of survival

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You may admire the birds in your garden for their commitment to their young -- endlessly catching bugs and delivering them back to the brood of chicks in their nest. But researchers from the University of Illinois ...

Concejal de Chicago: Es mejor que los votantes se despierten — estamos perdiendo esta ciudad

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VIOLENCIA DE CHICAGO: 13 DELICADO, 86 DISPARO DURANTE EL FIN DE SEMANA, LA POLICÍA DICE ANTHONY NAPOLITANO: El problema aquí es lo que hemos estado diciendo durante mucho tiempo.. Tienes un movimiento socialista que ha estado demonizando a la policía y ahora y ...

Columna: El draft hará que tu equipo sea mejor? No apuestes por eso.

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Afortunadamente, al comisionado se le paga tan bien que no necesita su boleto para cobrar. Si apostar en un juego típico de la NFL es difícil, y lo es, imagínese tratar de ganar algunos dólares con un draft que los expertos han gastado en cada jornada..

Jennifer Lopez says she has ‘never been better

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We see you living your best post-break-up life, Jennifer López! While the paparazzi capture photos of Lopez and former, and now apparently on again, bae Ben Affleck strolling hugged up in the Hamptons, she's sharing...

DHS IG finds use of federal officers to quell Portland riots legal, recommends better planning in future

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Critics blasted the decision in early June to send federal officers to the city after protesters repeatedly demonstrated outside the federal courthouse there, vandalizing it, hurling firecrackers and leaving a number...

El lema de Superman recibe una actualización moderna: 'Verdad, Justicia y un mañana mejor’

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El lema icónico de Superman, "Verdad, Justicia y estilo americano," recibe una actualización oficial por primera vez en décadas. "Verdad, Justicia y un mañana mejor" será el nuevo lema de Superman, un cambio que fue un ...

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