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Chris Pratt announces ‘better Chrisvictories over Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth

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Chris Pratt appears to have won the latest round in the battle over which Chris is the best Hollywood Chris. Die "Guardians of the Galaxy" star took to social media Monday to share about his winning record in a cha...

2020 was 'n verskriklike jaar. Maar die wêreld is in 'n beter vorm as wat u sou dink

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Londen in 2020, 'n verwoestende virus het amptelik van die vasteland verdwyn wat dit eens vernietig het -- 'n besonderse prestasie op die gebied van openbare gesondheid wat gevolg het op dekades se werk. Maar u het dit miskien gemis. Die uitwissing van ...

Johnny Depp wens 'n beter tyd in 2021

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Johnny Depp hoop op 'n helderder jaar wat voorlê, terwyl hy aanhangers gelukkige vakansie toewens te midde van 'n moeilike tyd vir almal. Die akteur het Sondag na sy Instagram-rekening geneem, plaas 'n foto van homself wat saam met sy vriend sit ...

2020 was 'n verskriklike jaar vir Europa. 2021 sal waarskynlik nie veel beter wees nie

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Londen U sal sukkel om iemand in Europa te vind wat ongelukkig sal wees om die agterkant van te sien 2020. Covid-19, Die Brexit en die internasionale politieke bloedbad van vanjaar het die vasteland gehamer en die spanning vererger..

The Better Business Bureau is warning people not to post their Covid-19 vaccination cards on social media

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No matter how excited you are about getting your vaccine, the Better Business Bureau is warning you: Avoid sharing photos of your Covid-19 vaccine cards. "Ongelukkig, your card has your full name and birthday on ...

Fauci: Amerikaanse Covid-19-entstofverspreiding sal 'baie vinnig beter word’

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Washington Dr. Anthony Fauci het Maandagaand belowe dat Amerikaanse Covid-19-entstofverspreiding sal "word baie vinnig beter" terwyl die Biden-administrasie 'n reeks maatreëls instel wat daarop gemik is om inenting te verhoog. "Gebaseer op...

Romney treated at hospital after fall over the weekend but ‘doing better

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Utah Republican Sen. Mitt Romney had bruised eyes and wounds on his lips on Capitol Hill Monday, telling reporters that he "took a fall" while visiting his grandchildren in Boston over the weekend. Romney said he wa...

Amerikaanse infrastruktuur kry 'n beter punt vir ingenieurs’ Rapport: C-

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Die infrastruktuur van Amerika het 'n algehele graad van C behaal- van die American Society of Civil Engineers, volgens die groep se 2021 Rapport, Woensdag vrygestel. Die telkaart -- wat die genootskap vrygestel het e ...

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez split and officially end their engagement: ‘We are better as friends

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A source close to Lopez confirmed to Fox News that she and the former MLB player are no longer moving forward with their marriage. The duo issued a joint statement to TODAY on Thursday, just weeks after reconciling. ...

You better believe the ‘Ted Lasso’ Seisoen 2 teaser trailer is a winner

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Apple has kindly given us our first sneak peek at the second season of "Ted Lasso." In the teaser trailer, debuted on Tuesday, Ted and the blokes from Richmond are back and fighting for their future on the pitch. ...

DHS IG finds use of federal officers to quell Portland riots legal, recommends better planning in future

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Critics blasted the decision in early June to send federal officers to the city after protesters repeatedly demonstrated outside the federal courthouse there, vandalizing it, hurling firecrackers and leaving a number...

Kolom: Will draft make your team better? Don’t bet on it.

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Gelukkig, the commissioner is paid so handsomely he doesn’t need his ticket to cash. If betting a typical NFL game is hard — and it is — imagine trying to make a few bucks off a draft that experts have spent every wak...

A bad 80-year-old review of ‘Citizen Kanehas been unearthed, making ‘Paddington 2officially a better movie

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The online reviews database Rotten Tomatoes has unearthed a negative 80-year-old write-up of "Burger Kane," stripping the cinematic classic of its perfect score among critics and demoting it below movies including ...

This tiny dinosaur hunted in the dark and heard better than an owl

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With unusually large eyes and hair-trigger hearing, the tiny desert-dwelling dinosaur hunted its prey at night, offering more definitive evidence that dinosaurs weren't only active in the daytime. It's one of the f...

‘Monstergets a belated Netflix showcase, but the cast is better than the movie

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"Monster" represents a minor coup for Netflix, not as much due to the movie's merits as who's in it. More than three years after its festival run in 2018, the film arrives with a timely theme and a cast whose stock ...

Try this couch workout and feel better about binge-watching TV

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If you've been spending hours on your couch lately, you're not alone. Van "Tiger King" aan "Ozark," binge-watching has been a common couch-based activity during our safer-at-home circumstances. But too much sedenta...