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Democrat San Jose mayor disagrees with Biden White House, says COVID not to blame for crime spikes

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"I think criminals are at the root of smash-and-grab crimes. And criminals come up with new arrangements every time that we catch them on the old ones and this is just the nature of criminal enforcement," San Jose Ma...

Biden pledge to ‘shut down the virusquestioned as president predicts winter COVID-19 spike

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Biden routinely promised on the campaign trail that he would "shut down" the virus if elected. Biden regularly asserted that it was former President Trump's "ineptitude" que "caused the country to have to shut down ...

A gravelly voiced President Biden says he has a cold

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President Joe Biden has a cold, he told reporters Friday, after sounding gravelly and congested during remarks about the economy. "I'm OK," Biden said when questioned about his voice. "I'm tested every day, a Covid ...

Biden explains coughing, hoarse voice, says grandson gave him a cold

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Biden spoke in a strained, hoarse voice during a Friday speech about the disappointing jobs report, and coughed multiple times. Fox News' Peter Doocy asked the president about his health following the speech, prompti...

Liberal DC mayor’s former spokesman blasts Biden over border crisis: ‘We don’t have an immigration policy

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Jimenez explained on "zorro & Amigos primero" that two of the main reasons he joined the Republican Party are immigration and unemployment. Critics of the Biden administration have highlighted the crisis at the sout...

On Iran, Biden must face facts, end this diplomatic charade and admit Trump was right

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El lunes, world powers met in Vienna for the sixth round of talks this year to discuss how to revive the deeply flawed nuclear deal with Iran, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Es decir, all major power...

Arizona weighs in on Build Back Better agenda: Inflation ‘bleeds you dry,’ says Biden voter

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"I'm concerned about the national debt because it's just massive," Nash, a Scottsdale, Arizona, Biden voter, dijo a Fox News. Presidente Biden

Biden wants COVID-19 testing for air travelers 24 hours before overseas flights

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Biden wants COVID-19 testing for air travelers 24 hours before international flightsPresident Biden's planned requirement for incoming international travelers to have a negative COVID-19 test within 24 hours of depar...

Biden admin’s Covid plans getting hammered in courts: Jonathan Turley

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Turley said the court rulings have amounted to "quite a litany of losses" as the Democratic president issues his responses to the omicron variant and other issues related to the coronavirus. BIDEN HIT WITH STRING OF ...

Ingraham: Biden focused on pleasing the media, no estadounidenses

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Biden had claimed previously that he would not shut down the economy, but he would "shut down the virus." "Ahora, how's that going? That whole shutting down the virus thing?," Ingraham asked. "Let's look at the facts ...

Hannity critica a Biden por "ciegamente’ siguiendo a Fauci

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"A los estadounidenses no les gusta Anthony Fauci porque es horrible en su trabajo, y se equivoca constantemente, y la barra cambia a cada hora de todos los días," Hannity dijo. "Si a Biden realmente le importara llegar a todos los estadounidenses, él wou ....

Biden requirement for testing 24 hours before international flights to start Monday

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A senior administration official confirmed to Fox News Thursday that the 24-hour testing requirement, which Biden officially announced earlier in the day, will go into effect on Monday. All travelers, regardless of v...

Washington Post mocks DCCC’s tweet on gas prices: ‘might be the worst defense of the Biden administration yet

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"No one would argue that things are going perfectly for President Biden," Bump wrote in a column Thursday. "Muchos, De hecho, would point out that, at least politically, things have rarely been worse…so it’s safe to say...

Nikki Haley to shred Biden at GOP group’s award dinner: ‘America is retreating

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Haley is considered a potential candidate for the GOP’s 2024 presidential nomination, and the remarks could serve as a precursor to a long-rumored run. Her wide-ranging rebuke targets Biden’s handling of immigration ...

Biden dice que EE. UU. Debe "vacunar al resto del mundo"’ para vencer la pandemia de COVID-19

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En una conferencia de prensa el jueves, Biden anunció una serie de nuevas políticas que se implementarán y que, con suerte, frenarán las infecciones relacionadas con la pandemia en los Estados Unidos.. Las nuevas políticas incluyeron una expansión de las pruebas..

Biden bromea diciendo que Fauci es presidente, dice que ve a Fauci más que a la primera dama

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"He visto más del Dr.. Fauci de lo que tengo a mi esposa, nos bromeamos," Biden bromeó. "Mirar, quien es presidente? Fauci!" OFERTA QUE REQUIERE PRUEBAS COVIDAS MÁS ESTRICTAS DE LOS VIAJEROS LEGALES AUNQUE LOS INMIGRANTES ILEGALES HAN OBTENIDO UN ...

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