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Biden DOJ slow to act on opioid crisis despite AG Garland saying it should be ‘high priority

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During his confirmation questioning, Garland was asked by Sen. トム・コットン, R-アーク。, if he believed stopping the funneling of "highly potent" synthetic opioids into America should be a top priority for the Justice Depa...

Joy Behar says Biden went too soft with gun control agenda, pleads with Democrats to ‘seize the day

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"Nothing I'm about to recommend in any way impinges on the Second Amendment," Biden said on Thursday. "These are phony arguments suggesting that these are Second Amendment rights at stake from what we're talking abou...

テキサス, Missouri sue Biden administration over scrapping of ‘Remain-in-Mexico’ ポリシー

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"President Biden could immediately remedy the influx of crime pouring across our border by reinstating the Migrant Protection Protocols," Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said in a statement. "Dangerous criminals ar...

Biden invites Russia to a summer summit in Europe amid sanctions

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Russian authorities are non-committal to the president’s invitation for a summit -- first suggested by Biden earlier this week -- saying it depends on U.S. 動作. "When I spoke to President Putin, I expressed my b...

Biden DOJ dispatches ‘peacemakersto Minneapolis ahead of Chauvin verdict: 報告する

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The verdict was expected to be read on Tuesday afternoon. BIDEN OFFERED SUPPORT IN CALL WITH GEORGE FLOYD FAMILY An unnamed senior Justice Department official told the Associated Press that officials from the Commun...

ティム・グラハム: Biden and the media watchdogs – the scrutiny fizzles and the hounds nap

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One factor in that approval might be the tone of press coverage. Rich Noyes and Bill D'Agostino of the Media Research Center studied ABC, CBS and NBC evening news programs from Jan. 20 through April 9. Televised eval...

テッド・クルーズ: 「退屈だが過激’ バイデンの引き渡されたパーティー’ バーニーに, ウォーレンとAOC

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共和党上院議員は、バイデンが議会に出席するために「クレードル・トゥ・グレイブ」連邦政府の支援を発表すると予測している. テッド・クルーズ: バイデンホワイトハウスは、可能な限り退屈であると決定しました. そして、あなたはそれについて考えます, foの後...

Tammy Bruce dubs Biden congressional address as ‘quasi-Marxism dressed up as an apple pie’

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タミーブルース: The left is a racist, America-hating mob that is determined to punish you by seizing the fruits of your labor, indoctrinating your children, destroying your freedom and turning you into a serf for the ma...

リズピーク: 米国の人種差別に関するバイデンのビーチサンダル–これが新しいホワイトハウスのメッセージを促したものです

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その人々がそうでない場合、どのように国は人種差別主義者になることができますか? 国は高層ビルや牛の牧場や鋳造所によって定義されていません. それは広々とした空と琥珀色の平野によって定義されていません, またはその政府のシステムさえ. ...

バイデンは弱い仕事の報告に反応する, 米国は「依然として経済崩壊から掘り下げている」と述べています,’ しかし、「正しい軌道に乗っている’

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バイデン, 金曜日にホワイトハウスから話す, 彼は中に就任したと言った "1世紀に1回のパンデミックと、1世代に1回の経済危機。" 米国の採用は4月に期待を大きく逃します 266,000 N.。.

遺伝子. キーン: Biden must call out Hamas terror attacks on Israel ‘without equivocation

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"I think why the leaders are using this to spike the violence inside of Israel is because of the Biden administration," Keane told "The Faulkner Focus." "I believe they suspect that the Biden administration, as with ...

Why Biden hasn’t thrown himself publicly into a mediation effort in the Middle East

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This was excerpted from the May 17 アメリカのCNNの一方の版, グローバルな読者のための米国の政治についての毎日の電子メール. 過去の版を読んで購読するには、ここをクリックしてください. It's an emerging and potentially defini...

Biden credits own admin for Israel-Hamas cease-fire, downplays Egypt role

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バイデン, who spoke at the White House, included a sentence in his remarks commending Egyptian officials for their "critical role" in ending the fighting. But he repeatedly emphasized the intensive work he said was done...

ニッキー・ヘイリーが北京オリンピックのボイコットを呼びかける, バイデン外交官にCOVIDプローブ同盟を作成するように促す

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ヘイリー, 元サウスカロライナ共和党知事, 言った "物語" 共産党が支配する国がオリンピックがもたらす注目を剥奪されるべきである主な理由の中には、彼らの継続的な難読化があります。.

GOP senators send letter to Biden opposing energy policies: ‘A fundamental threat

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The letter notes that within Biden's first 100 在職日数, he halted construction of the Keystone XL pipeline and lifted sanctions on Russia's Nord Stream 2 パイプライン. Senators also mentioned gasoline shortages A...

Horace Cooper challenges Biden to reveal data he is using to claim white supremacy as top US threat

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Carlson pointed out that, according to available data from law enforcement, the statistics do not support what Biden claimed – noting that while there were about 60 killings reported as white supremacist between 2015...

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