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'Groot broer’ crowns its first Black winner during season 23 finale

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CBS' "Groot broer" crowned its first Black winner Wednesday night during the season 23 finale when Wisconsin attorney Xavier Prather took home the top prize. Garnering all nine jury votes, Prather beat Derek Frazier...

'Groot broer’ Seisoen 23 contestant Christie Valdiserri exits show after positive coronavirus test

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"I have no idea how I got it," Valdiserri shared in a video message on Instagram Monday. "I have the vaccine, and I’ve been following all the guidelines up to this point. I have absolutely no symptoms, I feel perfect...

'Groot broer’ ster Jeff Schroeder en Jordan Lloyd vertoon 'n nuwe vertoning

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"Groot broer" aanhangers Jeff Schroeder en Jordan Lloyd is terug. Die man en vrou duo, wat mekaar op seisoen ontmoet het 11 van die trefferprogram in 2009, is Dinsdag aangekondig as mede-aanbieders van 'n nuwe vaste televisiereeks..

‘Big Skytakes a deadly detour into the dark side of the heartland

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"Big Sky" starts out feeling like another quirky drama -- a generation-later heir to David E. Kelley's "Picket Fences" -- before morphing into something much darker, which turns out to be pretty surprising and compe...

‘Big, big shifts’: How Biden’s civil rights pros have reoriented the Justice Department

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The Justice Department's Civil Rights Division has launched several major investigations under President Joe Biden, an aggressive start after years of neglect during the Trump-era. In the early months of the admini...

‘Call Me Katstars Mayim Bialik in a sitcom that’s more of a big bore than a ‘Big Bang

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After a long supporting run on "The Big Bang Theory," Mayim Bialik is back front and center in "Call Me Kat," a Fox sitcom that feels so tired and dated it's tempting to double-check the year. Loosely adapted from t...

‘Die ongedaan maak’ bevat Nicole Kidman in 'n raaisel wat voel soos 'Big Little Lies Lite’

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"Die ongedaan maak" skuld skuld aan vroeëre hoëklas HBO-miniseries, maar die netto effek voel soos "Big Little Lies Lite." Nicole Kidman en die skrywer-vervaardiger David E herenig. Kelley, die sesdelige produksie hang af van 'n ...

‘Big Bang Theory’ star Mayim Bialik says she ‘worked so well’ with Jim Parsons during ‘very emotional’ finale

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Die sitkom, which is recognized as the longest-running multi-camera comedy in TV history, aired for 12 seasons from 2006 tot 2019. The series received 52 Emmy nominations and 10 wins while on the air. Die vorige "B..

1 in 3 Amerikaners glo die 'Big Lie’

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"Sommige mans kan jy net nie bereik nie." Daardie beroemde lyn uit die film "Cool Hand Luke" het in my kop bly weerklink toe ek deur 'n nuwe nasionale peiling wat deur die Monmouth Universiteit gedoen is, deurgeloop het. Hier is die rede waarom: 32% van die respondente in die ...

Blackburn warns cyber attacks ‘big part of 21st century warfare,’ amid Colonial Pipeline hack

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The FBI on Monday said the ransomware gang known as "Darkside" was the group responsible for the attack over the weekend that forced the shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline networks responsible for carrying gasoline fr...

Christians in Nigeria living under a ‘big cloud of terror’: Nigerian journalist

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Logan discussed the war waged against Christians with Nigerian journalist Masara Kim Usman, who has covered the villages that have been destroyed by Boko Haram extensively. "The first thing actually you will be conf...

En Bongino: The ‘big lieis that the United States has a southern border

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EN BONGINO: The disgraceful Biden administration is trying to cover up its big lie about the border, and now they've resorted to a new low, ja, attacking the good guys, the border patrol. … The big lie is that we a...

Democrats look to barrel ahead with ‘big, boldCovid-19 relief plan

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said President Joe Biden told Senate Democrats at lunch Tuesday that he wants a "big, bold package" on Covid-19 relief and that he told Senate Republicans that their $ 600 billi...

First on CNN Business: Asia’s fake pork titan sets its sights on the next ‘bigthing

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Hongkong (CNN Besigheid)OmniFoods, the Hong Kong startup best known for its fake pork product "OmniPork," is jumping on what it sees as the next phenomenon: plant-based seafood. In an announcement first shared with ...

Former ‘Big Brotherwinner Mike Malin found guilty of stalking co-star Will Kirby: verslag doen

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The 50-year-old initially pleaded not guilty after being arrested in August of 2019 for stalking his former "Groot broer"rolverdeling lid, Dr. Will Kirby, according to court records viewed by Us Weekly on Wednesday. He re...

Ingraham blasts Biden’s ‘big climate conas ‘attackon American workers

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INGRAHAM: This is truly sick. Thousands of American workers are going to be leaving their once good-paying jobs in the oil & gas industry to go traveling around the country, capping off the very wells that used t...

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