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Harris ‘shunning public eventswith ‘Big GuyBiden after receiving no ‘fun jobs’: ‘더 파이브’

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"Kamala Harris is looking for the lifeboats on Biden's sinking ship," host Greg Gutfeld remarked, adding that the California Democrat appeared to be hoping for "fun jobs" as second-in-line to the presidency while "쉬 ...

McAuliffe는 Stacey Abrams가 조지아 주지사가 되어야 한다고 주장합니다., 그녀를 'Big Lie'라고 부르는 것’

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"그녀는 조지아 주지사가 박탈당하지 않았다면 오늘 조지아 주지사가 되었을 것입니다. 1.4 선거 전 조지아주 유권자 100만," McAuliffe는 일요일 캠페인 행사에서 Abrams를 소개하면서 말했습니다.. "저것...

래리 쿠들 로우: ‘Big snoop’ is the worst of a ‘million bad ideasby Democrats

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BIDEN ADMINISTRATION SCALES BACK IRS BANK-MONITORING PLAN AMID GROWING PUSHBACK LARRY KUDLOW: It has nothing to do with rich people cheating on their taxes. 그런데, the vast, vast, vast majority of rich peopl...

‘Big, big shifts’: How Biden’s civil rights pros have reoriented the Justice Department

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The Justice Department's Civil Rights Division has launched several major investigations under President Joe Biden, an aggressive start after years of neglect during the Trump-era. In the early months of the admini...

랜드 폴: 바이든의 '큰 정부 사회주의'는 가격 상승을 가져옵니다, 다른 결과

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만친, 샌더스를 '자칭 독립 사회주의자' 미국으로 모욕. 이것의. 랜드 폴, R-KY: 네, 나는 몇 년 동안 트렌드를 지켜 왔으며 실제로 아내와 내가 책을 쓴 이유입니다., "그만큼 ...

재규어’ Urban Meyer는 팀 비행을 약속합니다., 오하이오에 머무르는 것이 '큰일'이라고 생각하지 않았습니다’

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Meyer는 재규어의 단장 Trent Baalke에게 손주들을 방문하기 위해 오하이오에 머물도록 승인을 받기 위해 확인했다고 단호했습니다.. 그는 말했다 "별거 아닌거 같았어요" 당시. 여기를 클릭하세요..

Justice Breyer says return to in-person Supreme Court arguments is a ‘big improvement

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Washington Justice Stephen Breyer on Monday reflected on the Supreme Court's return to in-person oral arguments earlier that day, saying he prefers the high court's usual structure over the virtual system the nine ju...

Christians in Nigeria living under a ‘big cloud of terror’: Nigerian journalist

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Logan discussed the war waged against Christians with Nigerian journalist Masara Kim Usman, who has covered the villages that have been destroyed by Boko Haram extensively. "The first thing actually you will be conf...

'큰 형’ crowns its first Black winner during season 23 종악장

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CBS' "큰 형" crowned its first Black winner Wednesday night during the season 23 finale when Wisconsin attorney Xavier Prather took home the top prize. Garnering all nine jury votes, Prather beat Derek Frazier...

단 봉기 노: '큰 거짓말’ 미국이 남쪽 국경을 가지고 있다는 것입니다.

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그리고 봉기 노: 불명예스러운 바이든 행정부는 국경에 대한 큰 거짓말을 은폐하려고합니다, 이제 그들은 새로운 최저점에 의지했습니다, 예, 좋은 사람들을 공격, 국경 순찰대. ... 큰 거짓말은 우리가 ...

Ohio State opens at Minnesota, backs new QB in ‘big moments

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For the fourth-ranked Buckeyes, this turnover — from NFL first-round draft pick Justin Fields to C.J. Stroud — could be as unsubtle as anywhere in the country. Stroud has yet to attempt a college pass, a scenario the...

Leaving our ‘big green porchin New Orleans was a tough call

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Alexandra Kane is a former New Yorker turned New Orleanian. 이 논평에 표현된 의견은 전적으로 자신의 의견입니다. CNN에 대한 의견 더보기. "I don't know if I want to exist without this place," I told my boy...

로라 잉 그라함: What is the ‘big lessonfrom Cuomo’s decade-long governorship?

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"The real scandal is that over the past 11 years since Cuomo was elected, New York has slid slowly but surely down a rathole," Ingraham은 말했다. Ingraham also slammed President Biden for claiming the New York governor ...

Joe Concha rips ‘Big GuyJoe Biden for downplaying inflation fears on ‘shamnetwork CNN’s town hall

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He’s the big guy in the Oval Office, according to everyone from Hunter Biden’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski to CNN town hall moderator Don Lemon. But to small businesses and particularly the restaurant bu...

Kurt Angle, Olympic gold medalist and ex-WWE star, brushes off Conor McGregor injury: ‘Big deal

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Angle won a gold medal in 100-kilogram freestyle wrestling for the U.S. ~에서 1996 Atlanta Olympics while dealing with a broken neck and few other injuries before he started his career in professional wrestling with...

'큰 형’ 시즌 23 contestant Christie Valdiserri exits show after positive coronavirus test

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"I have no idea how I got it," Valdiserri shared in a video message on Instagram Monday. "I have the vaccine, and I’ve been following all the guidelines up to this point. I have absolutely no symptoms, I feel perfect...

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