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Kurt Angle, Olympic gold medalist and ex-WWE star, brushes off Conor McGregor injury: ‘Big deal

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Angle won a gold medal in 100-kilogram freestyle wrestling for the U.S. by die 1996 Atlanta Olympics while dealing with a broken neck and few other injuries before he started his career in professional wrestling with...

Harris ‘shunning public eventswith ‘Big GuyBiden after receiving no ‘fun jobs’: ‘Die Vyf’

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"Kamala Harris is looking for the lifeboats on Biden's sinking ship," host Greg Gutfeld remarked, adding that the California Democrat appeared to be hoping for "fun jobs" as second-in-line to the presidency while "sh ...

First on CNN Business: Asia’s fake pork titan sets its sights on the next ‘bigthing

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Hongkong (CNN Besigheid)OmniFoods, the Hong Kong startup best known for its fake pork product "OmniPork," is jumping on what it sees as the next phenomenon: plant-based seafood. In an announcement first shared with ...

The one *big* problem with Matt Gaetz’s explanation

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In response to stunning New York Times reporting that the Justice Department is investigating a possible sexual relationship between Matt Gaetz and a 17-year-old girl, the Florida Republican congressman vehemently d...

Leaving our ‘big green porchin New Orleans was a tough call

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Alexandra Kane is a former New Yorker turned New Orleanian. Die menings wat in hierdie kommentaar uitgespreek word, is slegs haar eie. Sien meer mening oor CNN. "I don't know if I want to exist without this place," I told my boy...

Ingraham slams Biden and Democrats for perpetuating ‘big liethat America is systemically racist

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INGRAHAM: That’s the big lie—systemic racism. Did Joe Biden always believe the nation was racist to its core? Did he believe this when Barak Obama and he were elected not once but twice? Historic elections. Did that...

Why Republicans won’t walk away from the ‘Big Lie

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There was an exchange Thursday between Fox News' John Roberts and Texas Rep. Kevin Brady that is remarkably telling about just how lost the Republican Party is at the moment. Hier is dit: Roberts: "President Donald ...

‘Big Bang Theory’ star Mayim Bialik says she ‘worked so well’ with Jim Parsons during ‘very emotional’ finale

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Die sitkom, which is recognized as the longest-running multi-camera comedy in TV history, aired for 12 seasons from 2006 tot 2019. The series received 52 Emmy nominations and 10 wins while on the air. Die vorige "B..

‘Big, big shifts’: How Biden’s civil rights pros have reoriented the Justice Department

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The Justice Department's Civil Rights Division has launched several major investigations under President Joe Biden, an aggressive start after years of neglect during the Trump-era. In the early months of the admini...

Suspect in Minnesota bank robbery threatened hostages and wanted a ‘big showwith the FBI, sê owerhede

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A man who allegedly held five people captive during an eight-hour standoff at a Wells Fargo bank in St. Wolk, Minnesota, wanted a "big show," owerhede gesê. Those held hostage in the bank said the suspect wanted...

Larry Kudlow: 'Big snoop' is die slegste van 'n 'miljoen slegte idees’ deur Demokrate

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BIDEN ADMINISTRASIE SKAL TERUG IRS-BANKMONITERINGSPLAN TE midde GROEIENDE TERUGDRAG LARRY KUDLOW: Dit het niks te doen met ryk mense wat hul belasting verneuk nie. En terloops, die uitgestrekte, groot, oorgrote meerderheid ryk mense...

Pelosi says Biden, Dems want ‘big, boldbipartisan spending bill

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Pelosi, D-Kalifornië., said Biden made a "Opregte" commitment to finding a bipartisan agreement on legislation to rebuild the country's roads, bridges and more. While there are sticking points on how to pay for the invest...

Ingraham blasts Biden’s ‘big climate conas ‘attackon American workers

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INGRAHAM: This is truly sick. Thousands of American workers are going to be leaving their once good-paying jobs in the oil & gas industry to go traveling around the country, capping off the very wells that used t...

Sara Carter: ‘Big concernwith intel officials is some border ‘got-awaysare terrorists

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She said that officials have told her they fear at least some of the illegal immigrants who do not encounter border agents are potential or suspected terrorists -- especially given the apprehension of two Yemeni men ...

'Groot broer’ crowns its first Black winner during season 23 finale

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CBS' "Groot broer" crowned its first Black winner Wednesday night during the season 23 finale when Wisconsin attorney Xavier Prather took home the top prize. Garnering all nine jury votes, Prather beat Derek Frazier...

Joe Concha rips ‘Big GuyJoe Biden for downplaying inflation fears on ‘shamnetwork CNN’s town hall

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He’s the big guy in the Oval Office, according to everyone from Hunter Biden’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski to CNN town hall moderator Don Lemon. But to small businesses and particularly the restaurant bu...