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Bipartisan bills aimed at China on coronavirus origins, letting victimskin sue Beijing

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Bipartisan House bills aimed at China on coronavirus origins, letting victims' kin sue BeijingU.S. House members plan to introduce two bipartisan bills Friday that address the origins of the coronavirus pandemic and ...

Bipartisan infrastructure bill: 19 GOP senators vote for $1T legislation

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"Infrastructure is exactly the kind of subject that Congress should be able to address across the aisle. Roads, ponti, waterways, airports — these things are not luxuries for the greatest nation in world history," ...

Bipartisan negotiations over spending bill are not finished yet but moving in right direction

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Democrats and Republicans are still trading proposals to keep the government open after September 30. One of the key sticking points is a disagreement over how long the spending bill should go through. Secondo ...

Kamala Harris heading to border Friday after months of bipartisan criticism

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Harris is set to visit El Paso, Texas, accompanied by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. The vice president has come under heavy fire for the way she has handled the role since being appointed to it thre...

Il gruppo bipartisan esorta il bar della California ad aprire un'indagine sull'avvocato pro-Trump che ha cercato di convincere Pence a ribaltare le elezioni

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Washington Un gruppo bipartisan di ex funzionari pubblici e avvocati sta sollecitando l'ordine degli avvocati della California a indagare su un avvocato conservatore che, secondo quanto riferito, ha cercato di convincere l'allora vicepresidente Mike Pence che....

Biden to host bipartisan group of lawmakers for infrastructure meeting as he faces pressure on both sides of the aisle

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President Joe Biden will meet with a bipartisan group of lawmakers on Monday afternoon to discuss his roughly $ 2 trillion jobs and infrastructure proposal, as he faces united Republican opposition to the plan and ...

I democratici spingono per il comitato ristretto della Camera dopo che i repubblicani del Senato hanno fatto deragliare l'indagine bipartisan a gennaio 6 attacco

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I Democratici della Camera stanno attivamente considerando di avviare un'indagine per conto proprio nel mese di gennaio 6 Attacco al Campidoglio degli Stati Uniti, segnalando che non hanno intenzione di lasciare che la questione scompaia all'indomani del fatto che i repubblicani del Senato abbiano fatto deragliare il cr...

Suo. Kennedy reveals the truth about the bipartisan infrastructure bill

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SUO. JOHN KENNEDY: They told us it was about real infrastructure, it wasn't. Calling this bill an infrastructure bill is like calling Anthony Weiner a saint. There is more Green New Deal and welfare in this bill than...

House sends bipartisan bill to address missing and murdered Native Americans to Trump’s desk

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A bipartisan bill aimed at addressing cases of missing and murdered Native Americans has been sent to President Donald Trump's desk for final approval. Savanna's Act, a bill named for 22-year-old Savanna LaFontaine-...

Senate easily passes bipartisan climate bill incentivizing carbon offsets

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The House is now drafting its own version of the bill. The Growing Climate Solutions Act would create a new certification program at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) that would help farmers, ranchers and fo...

Il Congresso fa pressioni bipartisan per fermare il denaro straniero nelle iniziative elettorali statunitensi

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Mentre la decisione della FEC riguardava specificamente un caso riguardante denaro proveniente da Canada e Australia, i membri del Congresso sono preoccupati per un precedente potenzialmente pericoloso. "Questa decisione della FEC è miope e pericolosa...

Comfort dogs find bipartisan support on Capitol Hill

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Legislatori, personale, law enforcement and journalists on Capitol Hill found one thing they could all agree on this week: Clarence is a very good boy. "He's a national icon and a *very* good boy," Rappresentante Democratico. Cindy Axn...

Larry Kudlow breaks down the bipartisan Senate infrastructure bill

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Bipartisan group of senators to travel to Eastern Europe as Biden announces new crackdowns against Belarus

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Senso. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., and Chris Murphy, D-Conn., will meet with Belarusian opposition leader Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya in Lithuania next week to show support for the pro-democracy movement...

For the crypto world, bipartisan infrastructure package brings a ‘political awakening

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Washington, DC Members of the cryptocurrency world are donating to crypto-focused organizations, hiring lobbyists and ramping up advocacy efforts in a push to get lawmakers on board with the industry, as pressure bui...