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Pete Buttigieg and husband Chasten announce the birth of their adopted children

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Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and his husband Chasten announced the birth of their son and daughter on Saturday. "Chasten and I are beyond thankful for all the kind wishes since first sharing the news tha...

Marine Rylee McCollum, 20, het gesterf in die Kaboel -ontploffing weke voor die geboorte van sy kind, familie sê

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Die gesin van Rylee McCollum in Wyoming was glad nie verbaas toe hy na die hoërskool in die Marines ingeskryf het nie. "Hy wou sy lewe lank 'n marinier wees en sy geweer in sy doeke en cowboy boo ronddra..

Die wêreld se kleinste baba by geboorte, wat geweeg het 7.5 onse, uiteindelik die hospitaal verlaat

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'N Baba wat net gebore is 212 gram (7.5 onse) -- omtrent so swaar soos 'n sagtebal of 'n appel -- het uiteindelik na meer as 'n jaar die hospitaal verlaat en by haar familiehuis aangekom. Kwek Yu Xuan is byna vier maande gebore..

Die VN veroordeel Zimbabwe se huwelike omdat 'n meisie sterf nadat sy geboorte geskenk het

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Die Verenigde Nasies het die praktyk van kinderhuwelike in Zimbabwe veroordeel na die dood van 'n 14-jarige meisie nadat sy in 'n kerkgeboorte geboorte geskenk het, 'n voorval wat verontwaardiging onder burgers veroorsaak het en regs ...

Texas woman gives birth in same hospital system where her husband died of Covid-19

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Maria Garza spent much of her pregnancy in the ICU of a Texas hospital with her husband Jason, who died of Covid-19 in May when she was seven months pregnant. She gave birth to their son last month at another facil...

‘Selling Sunset’ star Christine Quinn rocks a bikini during Sicily getaway months after giving birth

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Die "Sonsondergang verkoop" star proudly unveiled her incredible bikini bod while enjoying a sun-soaked getaway in Taormina, Sicily. The 32-year-old blonde bombshell rocked a pastel pink bikini with a festival floral and be...

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s daughter missing from the royal line of succession weeks after birth

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Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor was born on June 4, and should be eighth in line to the throne. But the child's name – a tribute to both Queen Elizabeth and Harry's late mother, Diana – has not yet been added to th...

Amerikaanse vlugbalster is terug vir die 3de Olimpiese Spele nadat hy geboorte gegee het

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'N Uitdagende swangerskap wat haar die grootste deel van haar kernkrag beroof het, het haar laat twyfel of sy na haar gewone elite-vlak kon terugkeer. Maar Gunderson het 'n doel gestel om moeder en professionele atleet te wees..

‘Duck Dynasty’ star Sadie Roberson on struggling with anxiety after giving birth: ‘Such a toxic brain spiral’

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Die "Eend-dinastie" alum and husband Christian Huff welcomed a baby girl named Honey James on May 11. Op Woensdag, the 24-year-old described how she struggled with her mental health after giving birth. "I’m constantl...

Opera singer gives birth in moving car while husband drives

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Emily Geller Hardman, 35, of Briarcliff Manor, New York, gave birth to a girl after going into labor early at 37 weeks pregnant. Sy en haar man, Travis Hardman, had been coming home from a wedding in Pennsylvani...

Model April Love Geary shows off ‘hot mom (bod) somer’ in bikini six months after giving birth

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"Hot mom(bod) somer," she captioned the photo of herself wearing a leopard bikini. Geary's fiancé, musician Robin Thicke, commented on the post. "Was I sleeping behind you?" hy het geskryf. April Love Geary ...

‘Duck Dynasty’ star Sadie Robertson says she felt the most ‘confidentwhen giving birth

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Roberston opened up about how she felt during the birth on her Instagram stories Sunday. "I don't know if 'pretty' is the word, but I've never felt more confident in my life with my body then the day that I had Honey...

‘Polar dinosaursmay have given birth in the Arctic over 70 miljoen jaar gelede, studie bevind

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Dinosaurs may have given birth and lived year-round in the Artic, a new study revealed. Researchers found fossil evidence of at least seven species of dinosaurs reproducing at the Prince Creek Formation in northern ...

Mom gives baby fitting name after giving birth at Miami International Airport

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On Sunday morning, a woman gave birth at the Miami International Airport after having just arrived on an American Airlines flight from Chicago, airport spokesperson Greg Chin told Fox News. The woman was scheduled to...

Why female mongooses all give birth at the same time

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The vast majority of expectant mongoose moms within a group give birth on the same night. The synchronous arrival of the tiny pups makes it impossible to know whose offspring belongs to which mongoose. At first gla...

His wife could give birth in Arizona any day now, but he’s stuck in India because of Covid-19 restrictions

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At the end of April, both of Pallav Jha's parents contracted Covid-19 in India. When his mom called to deliver the news of his dad's declining health, Jha knew he had be with them, which meant leaving his pregnant w...